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6 Amazing Uses Of Cedarwood Essential Oil For Health And Skin


Cedarwood essential oil is a widespread therapeutic aromatherapy oil that has much been known to the world for its spectacular benefits since ancient times. Refined and cultured from the bark and foliage of cone shaped coniferous trees, it carries a strong scent as that of fresh woods. Much of its use in perfumes targets this refreshing out-of-the-jungle scent that also makes it top the chart of one of the best smelling oils. It’s not just its unique scent that makes it indispensable, it’s also the kind of effects this oil has on health and beauty. And today, we shall be discussing some of those major uses only.

Have A Read Yourself To Trust In The Fact That Cedarwood Essential Oil Should Be Used For The Wellness Of Your Entire Family:

1. Helps In Reducing ADHD:

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, popularly abbreviated and referred to as ADHD, is a troubling and focus losing mental issue that hard hits children. It starts to bring down the energy and hopes of children, making it a herculean task for them to manage their day-to-day life. And cedarwood essential oil miraculously deals with this situation within a little over a month. It is clinically proven and researched that deeply inhaling the fresh vapours of this oil can increase the distorted focusing and managing power of children [1].

Helps In Reducing ADHD

2. Helps In Reducing Eczema:

Cedarwood essential oil is also a powerful skin conditioning and moisturizing anti-microbial agent that can help you get over with excessive dryness by bringing into power its antiseptic properties. Also, it is a powerful astringent solution that can reduce skin inflammation, accompanied with rashes and flaking. Which is why, it serves its purpose to treat people having nightmares having to deal with eczema [2].

Helps In Reducing Eczema

3. Helps With Stress Management:

Any and everything that can help you with insomnia, giving you the leisure of sleeping longer and better, is sure to calm down inflamed nerves of the brain. And cedarwood essential oil is one of those rare boons that is bundled with large shots of sesquiterpenes. Sesquiterpenes can create activity in the dormant gone limbic brain’s area. And it is this part of the brain that much defines mood. Activated limbic activity triggers the secretion of calming hormones that reduce sleep inflicted stress and anger [3].

Helps With Stress Management

4. Reduces Anxiety:

Cedarwood oil directly alters the functioning of central nervous system. It controls the hormonal instability, and regulates their optimum secretion: neither less nor more. This tones down the sudden spikes in behaviour that lead to extreme fear and hypertension otherwise. Controlled fear also controls aggression that eases tense cranial nerves. This helps with the reduction and removal of hormonal imbalance caused anxiety [4].

Reduces Anxiety

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5. Helps With Respiratory Disorders:

Cedarwood essential oil has been medicinally researched to have the power of being a decongestant. Being a strong inflammation for, it can also calm down the stiff and congested, phlegm jammed tracheal walls. It is also a natural substitute to expectorants. An expectorant is a proven medicine that can unclog air passages in lungs and trachea by diluting accumulated and stiff phlegm, and triggering the secretion of sputum that runs the phlegm out of the body. Thus, this essential oil is an ideal solution even for active and ongoing asthmatic, bronchitis and sinuses attack [5].

Helps With Respiratory Disorders

6. Makes Skin Younger:

Skin aging can be characterized with the first few symptoms that include pore enlargement, skin loosening, wrinkling, drying and patching. All that such skin needs is proper grooming and toning. And everyday massage of the face with cedarwood oil is a proven collagen repairing trigger that channelizes blood and oxygen to damaged collagen cells. Firm collagen holds onto the broadening gap between muscles and bones. This tightens the wrinkling skin. Also, it works against pore enlargement by bringing into action its property of being an astringent [6].

Makes Skin Younger

And all the above listed 6 uses of cedarwood oil come with no side-effects, whatsoever. You must start using it to improve your skin as well as health.


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