6 Best Home Remedies For Dealing With Conjunctivitis Or Pink Eye


Conjunctiva is a translucent and fine mucous membrane that covers sclera, which is on outer part and white of eye. Conjunctiva lines the inner surfaces of eyelids. Inflammation of conjunctiva is referred to as pink eye or conjunctivitis. Virus, allergies or bacteria results in pink eye. When you are affected by this problem, you can notice redness along with itchiness and irritation in your eyes. Conjunctivitis can attack both adult and children alike. If this problem is caused by viruses and bacteria, it can easily attack other persons. This is not a life threatening problem. Prompt diagnosis help to ease the situation. If the situation is in mild stage, you can easily get rid of this problem with the help of few effective home remedies.

Here Are The 5 Effective Remedies For Handling The Situation

1. Potato

Potato is rich in astringent properties. This quality of potato helps to minimize the inflammation. Peel the potato and make it into thin slices. Place the slices of potato on the closed eyelids of affected eye. Follow this remedy for at least 3 consecutive nights for noticing best results. [1]


2. Juice Of Indian Gooseberry And Honey

Indian Gooseberry and honey are the best healing agents for handling various health ailments. Combination of these two ingredients helps you to overcome the problem of pink eye in a better way. Add 2 teaspoons honey into a cup juice of Indian gooseberry. Consume it twice a day for better results.[2]

Juice Of Indian Gooseberry And Honey

3. Honey Eye Wash

Honey is highly known to be beneficial for handling conjunctivitis. Washing your eyes with honey helps to soothe your eyes. Anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties of honey help in soothing inflammation and reduce irritation and itchiness in your eyes. In this way, honey plays an important role in promoting the process of healing. For using honey as an eye wash, you need to boil some water and add 3 tablespoons honey into the water. Stir it well and allow the solution to cool. Use this preparation for eye wash.[3]


4. Coriander Eye Wash

Coriander is a super ingredient that is known as a power house of various healing properties. You can get rid of conjunctivitis by washing your eyes with coriander solution. For this, you have to add some coriander seeds into 60 milliliters of water. Boil this and prepare decoction. Once the water reaches to the normal temperature, use this therapeutic water as eyewash. This method helps in reliving you from swelling, discharge, pain and burning. [4]

Coriander Eye Wash

5. Cold Or Warm Compress

Both warm and cold compress work best for soothing pink eye. Warm compress help to give you relief from infected conjunctivitis while a cold compress help in soothing allergic conjunctivitis. Make sure to use clean and sterile cloth for the process of compression.[5]

Cold Or Warm Compress

6. Carrot And Spinach Juice

Itchy eye and conjunctivitis can be easily handled by in taking certain raw vegetable juices. Combination of carrot and spinach juice helps to relive you from conjunctivitis. You need to use proper proportions for preparing this healing juice. You need to take 300 ml carrot juice and combine it with 200 ml of spinach juice. Consuming this juice twice in a day greatly helps in lessening the infection.

Carrot And Spinach Juice

If the problem of conjunctivitis persists even after the implementation of home remedies, it is recommended to consult the ophthalmologist for better diagnosis of the problem. Sometimes, the irritation of the eyes is due to some underlying health problems.


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