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6 Core Strengthening Exercises To Stay Fit And Healthy As You Grow Old

With the growing age, many issues pop up in life like weight issues, health problems, lack of energy etc. Regular exercise, not mandatory to be the sweaty ones consuming lot of time, but, may be the simple ones which consume little time and are easy to do are strictly recommended. One should always maintain a regular schedule of doing the set of exercises one fixed time in a day.

Some Of The Exercises For Maintaining Good Health In Growing Age Are As Follows:

1. Pointer Dogs Exercise:

This exercise basically activates transverse abdominals, external and internal gluteals and obliques, trapezius and latissimus dorsi. You need to begin it on hands and knees and then raise your left leg and right hand in the air. Then, move your legs backward and hands forward. One should keep his head, back and neck straight and hold this position for at least 5 seconds and then flip the side.

Pointer Dogs Exercise

2. From Head Over To High Knees:

This exercise activates the gluteals, internal and external abdominals, calf and foot muscles and shoulder complex muscles. To do this exercise, you have to stand with your feet apart in a comfortable distance. Then, you need to raise both of your hands over your head and while bringing them down you should raise one of your knees to height of your waist. Keep doing this exercise flipping the sides for at least 5 times each side.
From Head Over To High Knees

3. Star Balance Exercise:

In this exercise, external and internal abdominals, obliques, adductors, abductors, gluteals, foot and calf muscles are activated. You need to stand with your feet at a comfortable distance and then raise your hands over your head similarly like the previous one. Then, you need to lift one of your foot out to side and lean opposite arm and torso the same arm as your foot. The other arm should remain in the same position as starting.

Star Balance Exercise

4. Half Kneeling Twists:

This exercise helps activate lattisimus dorsi muscle, deltoids muscle, external and internal abdominals, obliques and gluteal muscles. You have to start in a position where you are half-kneeling, with one of the foot on ground In your front and other on ground. Then, raise your both arms out to your shoulder height and twist your torso as well as spine to any one side. Hold in this position for sometime and repeat on the other side.

Half Kneeling Twists

5. Crane Kicks:

This exercise activates calf and foot muscles, internal and external hamstrings, gluteals and abdominal muscles. You need to stand in a position your feet together and arms in the sides. Then, you need to lift your left knee as close to the chest as possible. While you are standing in this position, you can kick over a little with your left foot. Repeat this exercise now with the right foot and one should do this exercise or at least 5 times with both the feet at a time.

Crane Kicks

6. Bridge Hold:

This exercise basically activates hamstrings, gluteals and erector spinae muscles. To do this exercise one must lay on his back, bend his knees and place his hands apart. The palm should face up. Then, slowly and gradually squeeze your gluteal muscles and raise your hips high. One should stay in this position for at least 30-40 seconds.

Bridge Hold

Do the above mentioned exercises regularly along with proper healthy diet and see the difference in yourself.

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