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6 Easy Ways To Deal With Tired And Puffy Eyes

Tired and puffy eyes are often caused because of stress, poor diet, anxiety and other related symptoms. Most people simply assume that letting these be will help in treating them. But that is really not the case. There are some quick and effective solutions you can implement here along with making some changes in your lifestyle to ensure that it is not repeated in the long run.

Here Are 6 Easy Ways To Deal With Tired And Puffy Eyes

1. Ice Cubes

Just take a couple of ice cubes and massage the area around the eyes well with them. Ice is known to have anti-inflamatory properties that not only reduces the swelling but also helps to give your tired eyes some rest. You can also splash some cold water here if you don’t have access to ice cubes.

Ice Cubes

2. Tea Bags

Take two tea bags that have been boiled in some warm water. Then place these in the refrigerator. Now take out these tea bags and apply it on both the eyes while lying down. The tea bags help in managing the puffiness and also receive the tired eyes with tannins.

Tea Bags

3. Cold Spoon Therapy

Cold spoon is one of the fastest ways to deal with tired and puffy eyes, especially when rushing to work in the morning post a hangover. Put two cold spoons in the freezer and when they are chilled, just place the back side of these spoons or the curved end on your eyes. The soothing and cooling metal gets to work immediately.

Cold Spoon Therapy

4. Rose Water Cotton Balls

Dip 2-3 cotton balls in some very cold rose water. Now squeeze off the excess water and place these on both your eyes. The soothing effect of the rose water helps in calming down the tired eyes. As the muscle in this area start to relax because of the cold rose water, it also soothes the puffiness around.

Rose Water Cotton Balls

5. Get More Sleep

The most common cause of eye puffiness and tiredness is lack of sleep. Make sure that you get at least 8 hours of sleep to compensate for eyes rest. If you lack it on some days, then may be a quick good nap would do the trick for your.


6. Cucumber Slices

Place two cold slices of cucumber on your eyes. Now rest for about 10-15 minutes while the cucumber works. Wake up to see the puffiness and tiredness gone.

Cucumber Slices

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