6 Effective Home Remedies For Bee Stings

Bee stings can be crucially painful. Sometimes it can be very hard to bear until the stinging effect reduces. After a person has been stung by a bee, the first thing to take note is that whether any allergic reactions appear on the skin. If allergy appears, you should consult a dermatologist and home remedies must be avoided. Children can be hyper sensitive to toxins produced by the bee and can lead to anaphylactic shock. For such cases emergency treatments is a must since it can result in death. For those who don’t experience serious allergic reactions, home remedies can help to reduce the pain. Mild reactions may occur like itchiness, irritations, swollen skin, redness and inflammations which are quite normal effects. Try the home remedies below which are easy and can be easily prepared at home. Certain things need to be done before trying the home remedies. First of all, remove the stinger and check for the black dot near the bite and remove it with a tweezer so that it doesn’t have time to insert all the poison. Wash the area with a mild soap and warm water and then continue with the homemade therapies below.

Here Is A List Of Home Remedies Which Can Curb The Bee’s Venom And Alleviate You From Pain:

1. Honey:

Honey is one of the great homemade solutions for bee stings. It is better if you use organic and pure honey for this purpose. Simply smear some pure honey on the affected area. It can sooth the inflamed skin and can reduce the pain as well. This therapy can be done several times a day until the pain subsides.[1]


2. Dock Leaves:

This is a hassle-free and yet an effective remedy. Get some dock leaves and rub them on the bee sting. Do this often to slacken off the pain.[2]

Dock Leaves

3. Epsom Salt:

Mix a little water with epsom salt till a fine paste is formed. Apply the paste on the stung area. Allow it to dry up and wash off after half an hour. The combination of epsom salt and water can control the spread of venom and inflammation. It can reduce the pain and stinging effect as well.[3]

Epsom Salt

4. Borax:

Take a little water and add borax to it. Rub this solution on the bee sting. It can decrease the inflammation, pain and swelling caused by the bee sting. This remedy works for wasp bites as well. Do this twice a day for best results.[4]

5. Aloe Vera:

The white sticky gel obtained from the leaves of aloe vera plant has been used since ages for skin related issues. It is a wonderful home remedy for a surplus of illnesses and infections including wounds caused by bees. Extract the white gel from an aloe vera leaf and apply it directly on the affected part of your skin. Instead you can use the pure aloe vera gel available at stores. It can give instant relief from pain.[5]

Aloe Vera

6. Ice:

This method can decrease the puffiness or bulging of skin. Place ice straight on the painful area and rub it. You can also use an ice pack for this problem. Take a cotton cloth and put some ice cubes on it. Wrap the cloth and tie the mouth in order to produce an ice pack. Use this pack to gently massage on the skin. Try this out for several minutes at least thrice a day to lessen the soreness.[6]


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