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6 Home Remedies For Teeth Whitening

6 Home Remedies For Teeth Whitening

Nothing compliments your personality better, other than a pearly white smile. Stained yellow teeth can make you hesitant to smile confidently before others. Unfortunately, most professional teeth whitening treatments available at dentist’s office are either very expensive or harsh on our teeth.

But don’t get disheartened, you can also remove yellow stains from your teeth and get clean white teeth, without spending a lot of money, by using these natural methods.

Various Home Remedies For Teeth Whitening


This bright-colored sweet little fruit is a rich source of natural enzyme known as malic acid that acts as an astringent and helps to remove discoloration from your teeth and brightens up your smile. Many teeth whitening toothpastes also contain malic acid as a key component. Not only does the fiber contained in this fruit works as a natural cleanser, it also helps to remove bacteria from your mouth as well as teeth.

Things Required:

Strawberries, Baking Soda, Toothbrush, Toothpaste

Strawberries For Teeth Whitening

How to Use:

Take one or two strawberries and mash them to make a paste with a pulpy consistency. You can also add ½ tbsp baking soda for better results. Apply the paste using a soft tooth brush and leave for 3-4 minutes. Brush and rinse thoroughly using toothpaste after this as strawberries also contain natural sugar. Use this treatment once a week.

Banana Peel

Banana peel is another easy way to whiten your teeth. Everyone is aware of the essential nutrients present in banana. But its peel is also not a waste. Instead of throwing them away, rubbing them on your teeth can help you get rid of stained yellow teeth.The essential minerals like potassium, magnesium and manganese contained in banana peel will penetrate into your teeth and help whiten them.

Things Required:

Banana peel, Tissue, Toothbrush, Toothpaste

How to Use:

Rub the inner layer of banana peel on your teeth for 4-5 minutes. Leave it for two or three minutes and then wipe it off using soft tissue. After 10-15 minutes, brush your teeth as usual with regular tooth paste. Repeat this treatment two or three times in a week to get clear white teeth.

Banana Peel For Teeth Whitening

Lemon Peel And Juice

Lemon juice and lemon peel work very well as a bleaching agent and whiten the teeth by cleaning the tooth enamel because of their high acidic content.

Things Required:

Juice of a Lemon, Lemon Peel, Water, Toothbrush, Toothpaste

How to Use:

There are various ways of using lemon juice and peel for teeth whitening. You can squeeze the juice of half a lemon and mix equal quantity of water in it and dip your toothbrush in it and apply on your teeth. Alternatively, peel a lemon and rub the inner side of the lemon rind on your teeth for 3-4 minutes. But keep in mind not to use this procedure more than two days in a week because overuse of lemon can degrade the calcium and destroy the tooth enamel because of its high acidic nature. Orange rind can also be used to clean the stained teeth in the same manner.

Lemon Peel And Juice For Teeth Whitening

Baking Soda

Baking soda, which is a common ingredient in our household, is the best solution for cleaning stained teeth. It is also the safest and strongest teeth whitener. It removes stains from your teeth without harming the tooth enamel as it is an excellent acid neutralizer. It is mildly abrasive and dissolves easily in water. As a result of this, it penetrates more easily into hard to reach places of your mouth and into the grooves of your teeth in comparison to any other abrasive and cleans the teeth more efficiently. Baking soda crystals are softer than dentine and tooth enamel and therefore scrub the stains off the teeth without scratching or harming the teeth.

Things Required:

Baking Soda, Salt, Water

How to Use:

Apply baking soda paste to your teeth using a soft tooth brush, after adding a pinch of salt and water. Wait for two or three minutes and then rinse off thoroughly with water. An added benefit is that baking soda also helps to neutralize the bacterial acids that causes bad breath in your mouth and freshens up the mouth.

Baking Soda For Teeth Whitening

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide is the best remedy which can do wonders for oral health when used with precision.

Things Required:

Hydrogen Peroxide, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Cotton Swab

How to Use:

Hydrogen peroxide can help to brighten up your smile. Just pour ½ teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide over your regular tooth paste before brushing or pour a small amount of it on a cotton swab and rub it on your teeth gently before brushing for a minute. This treatment will whiten your teeth within a week.

Hydrogen Peroxide For Teeth Whitening

Crunchy Foods

Crunchy foods are very helpful in maintaining the whiteness of teeth.

Things Required:

Crunchy foods like apple, cucumber or Carrot

Crunchy Foods For Teeth Whitening

How to Use:

Crunchy foods like carrot, apple, and cucumber helps to remove sugar and chemicals that are responsible for causing stain and cavities. Sticky foods are the main culprits. Just chew them thoroughly with your teeth. They will clean the surface of teeth and prevent accumulation of plaque which makes your teeth yellow.


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