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6 Signs Of Alzheimer’s Disease You Should Never Ignore

Alzheimer disease is much more than just simple forgetfulness. It can lead to partial or complete memory loss as well. It also affects various other brain areas and can result in mental impairment. While most people unintentionally interpret forgetfulness as the only sign of alzheimer disease, but there are various other signs, when combined, actually hint towards alzheimer development. Today, we will go through the most practical guide of 6 warning signs that will help you in understanding what alzheimer actually is, and how can it be identified in the initial stages? So, let us begin.

1. Patterned Forgetfulness:

Patterned forgetfulness is a little different from normally forgetting things at times. When a person keeps forgetting simple things again and again and is able to remember them later, and this starts happening almost everyday in the same fashion, it indicates that this might be more than just simple forgetfulness. Things can be more confirmed if the person concerned had a sharp memory earlier. If any such person starts counting on alarms for normal stuffs, then this might be one alarm that alzheimer might be secretly closing in.[1]

Patterned Forgetfulness

2. Speech Problems:

If you notice that an ageing person, your relative or a close neighbour, has suddenly started having trouble in remembering or pronouncing simple words that are very common, then this can be a sure shot early sign of alzheimer disease. When combined with suddenly not remembering very familiar cities, roads, parks or even famous personalities, this is more often than not a sign of alzheimer disease. The situation can actually be confirming, if the person starts forgetting the rooms and directions in his/her own house.[2]

Speech Problems

3. Mood Swings:

If you suddenly notice that an otherwise calm elderly person suddenly starts reacting to every small thing, or an otherwise happy person suddenly goes into a shell, these are two very strong signs that the problem is much more than just wanting to gain attention. This is more confirmed if the person concerned goes into a shell and unsocialize. In alzheimer’s early stages, the patient might totally revoke from doing things he/she loved doing, all of a sudden.[3]

Mood Swings

4. Unnatural Confusion:

It is normal for an ageing person to feel a lot of fatigue in doing daily chores. But suddenly start forgetting or getting confused with basic things that they have known since forever, and remembered a day before, like wearing a saree, cooking a toast, cutting the hedges and so on, is one of the easiest diagnosis that needs no examination. This sign is especially for those who believe that alzheimer shows no symptoms, and shoots up randomly and suddenly.[4]

Unnatural Confusion

5. Repeating Events:

If you notice that your parents, or any old person, is repeating the same question or narrating a same story without remembering that he/she has been over telling it almost every hour, be assured that something’s not right, and that something can actually be alzheimer. Closely watch if the concerned person starts misplacing one specific item again and again. If so, it is already time to seek your doctor.[5]

Repeating Events

6. Losing Decision Making Ability:

Having seen an independent father or mother suddenly seeking your care and advice when getting older, is a heart melting thing. But it is more alarming than heart melting, if the dependence overshoots and your parents become indecisive of how to calculate bills, which shortcut to take to reach some place they visit daily, how to fix a tilted painting or not being able to fix a pipe to the tap’s knob. These are the signs indicating the possibility of alzheimer’s onset.[6]

Losing Decision Making Ability

However, do not confuse every symptom as a possible onset of alzheimer’s disease. But if suddenly these symptoms start showing up one after the other, it might actually be alzheimer. Remember, if diagnosed early, the damage can be controlled. So, be aware and make others around you aware of these common 6 symptoms that are actually early signs of mild alzheimer.

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