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6 Ways To Use Amla Oil For Controlling Hair Damage

Amla oil aka Gooseberry oil is an essential oil blessed with the goodness of various antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. It promotes hair health by reducing split ends and smoothening the hair texture. It also works as a dandruff foe, as it enriches the scalp with all essential vitamins that reduce dryness. Reduced scalp dryness automatically removes freckles and dandruff. And not to forget, warm Amla oil hair massage has the healing power to promote blood circulation. This makes the scalp cells healthier and plump. Thus, it also increases the hair volume and thickness. Today, we will introduce you to 6 amazing ways of using Amla oil in order to make your hair healthy and radiant.

1. Amla Oil Hair Mask:

Amla oil can be used to make a hair mask in order to reduce hair fall and dandruff. What you need for the mask is, Amla oil, rose water, lemon juice and henna.

How To Make:

Mix 1 teaspoon warm Amla oil with half teaspoon henna and 3 to 4 drops of lemon juice. Start stirring while adding rose water, till you get a semi liquid texture. Refrigerate for 30 minutes before applying.

How To Apply:

Cleanse your hair and apply the mask on semi wet scalp from the roots to tips. Let it rest for 1 hour. Use your fingers to analyze if the hair knots are softened. If not, keep it on for next 30 minutes till the knots loosen up, so that the hair strands do not break while washing. Rinse with tap water till there’s no greasy residue left behind. Use the mask thrice a week.

Amla Oil Hair Mask

2. Amla Oil Hair Cleanser:

A mild Amla oil hair cleanser can be used to reduce scalp acne and improve the hair texture. What you need is, buttermilk, Amla oil and sandalwood powder.

How To Make:

Mix 1 and a half teaspoon warm amla oil with half teaspoon sandalwood powder and half teaspoon buttermilk. Stir well till the mixture turns into a semi liquid paste.

How To Apply:

Wet the scalp and pour the cleanser directly over it. Keep massaging for 10 minutes and then, let it settle down for 10 more minutes. Rinse with tap water till the residue feels no more sticky.

Amla Oil Hair Cleanser

3. Amla Oil Hair Cream:

Amla oil hair cream is an ideal option for women having brittle hair that are frizzy and dull. What you need is, Amla oil, yogurt and raw milk cream.

How To Make:

Mix 1 teaspoon warm Amla oil with half teaspoon yogurt and half teaspoon raw milk cream. Beat the mixture, until it turns to form a runny hair cream.

How To Apply:

Apply on dry hair after cleansing your hair with the Amla oil hair cleanser. Simply comb your hair and apply the cream from roots to tips. Leave it on for 30 minutes and wash with tap water. Use it twice a week.

Amla Oil Hair Cream

4. Amla Oil Hair Conditioner:

Amla oil hair conditioner should be used once a week for softening coarse hair. What you need is, Amla oil and Shea butter.

How To Make:

Take 1 teaspoon melted Shea butter in a bowl and add 1 teaspoon hot Amla oil in it. Stir till the mixture starts foaming and turns warm.

How To Apply:

Apply on wet scalp soon after the conditioner turns warm. Do not apply cold. Cover the hair strands from roots to tips, and let it rest on the strands for 40 minutes. Wash with cold water till the hair become non greasy.

Amla Oil Hair Conditioner

5. Amla Oil Hair Astringent:

Hair astringent is necessary to ensure that scalp acne doesn’t recur. What you need is, Amla oil and tomato juice.

How To Make:

Grind a tomato is a mixer and filter the juice. Add half teaspoon of filtered tomato juice and half teaspoon Amla oil in a pan, and heat them in sim flame. Refrigerate for 1 hour before you apply the astringent.

How To Apply:

Comb your hair in two sections. Use a soft bristle hair brush to apply the astringent all over the scalp. Let it rest for 30 minutes and wash with cold water.

Amla Oil Hair Astringent

6. Amla Oil Leave-In Night Serum:

The Amla oil leave-in night serum is a reparative solution for sun damaged hair. What you need is, Amla oil, Neem oil and Chamomile tea.

How To Make:

Mix one fourth Amla oil, one fourth Neem oil and one fourth chamomile tea, and heat them in a pan in sim flame. Remove after 3 minutes and let it turn warm. Do not refrigerate.

How To Apply:

Comb your hair to detangle the knots. Use a soft and dense bristle brush to apply the serum,  so that you can cover as many hair strands individually as possible. Let it settle for 1 hour, until it is absorbed by the scalp and hair strands before you sleep. Use every night.

Amla Oil Leave-In Night Serum

The above listed 6 Amla oil hair products transform dull and damaged hair to glossy and bouncy, when used properly and timely. They make hair much smoother, stronger and longer when used with each other.

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