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7 Best Exercises To Improve Your Posture

A perfect posture can help you in battling various issues and muscle problems. Maintaining the correct posture is helpful in different ways. Keeping your posture straight and crisp can help you to fight muscle cramps and various other issues. Also if you maintain the correct posture of our hands, back, legs etc, you would be able to make them function properly. Also the posture you maintain affects your various bodily processes like your nervous system and digestive system. From joint pains to physical issues, you can battle everything with a great posture! Practicing proper posture would help you fight all these issues and would also lower down the aging process. Stay healthy and fit with these amazing posture correcting workouts!

1. Planks:

This is an awesome exercise which is used since long to correct the posture and maintain a crisp posture. Planks make your body rest straight and crisp on your legs and feet. This is the workout which would improve your posture and help in fighting all the muscular issues. Lie on the floor in the plank position, place your weight on your hands and feet and maintain the tight posture of your back for improved results!


2. Twisted Crunches:

Crunches are amazing to maintain the posture. Twisted crunches would help in toning our sides and torso. Also it supports your back and keeps it healthy. From your oblique muscle to the back everything gets repaired with this cool workout option.lie down on your mat and performs the twisted crunches. Rotate your shoulders in a straight and crisp manner!

Twisted Crunches

3. Dumbbell Side Bends:

The weighted workouts help in improving posture and keep your body straight. While you perform the dumbbell side bends, your body would feel the weight and helps in maintaining the correct posture. Stand with your hands straight and hold the dumbbell in your hands. Bend in the left side while beginning your shoulder downwards. Stay straight and tight while performing this workout!
Dumbbell Side Bends

4. Crossovers:

Crossovers are immensely important to fight the muscle issues. Oyu can make your muscles crisp and tight with this amazing workout. Sit down and hold a ball in our hand. Perform the twists with the ball. This resembles the Russian twists which can improve your core muscles, abdomen, sides, arms, back and spine all together!


5. The Cobra Pose:

The cobra pose is one of the immensely helpful workout options to improve balance and posture. It helps you to stretch, loosen and improvise your muscle strength. You must perform the cobra pose daily to feel the stretch and flexibility and also to improve your posture!

The Cobra Pose

6. Pilates:

Pilates helps in resting your body weight on your abdomen and torso. This would help you keep perfect balance and maintain the correct posture. Your spine gets benefited from this pose and would keep you away from aches, cramps and muscle soreness. Thus, perform Pilates or its variations to battle incorrect posture and cramps!


7. Seated Chest Flies:

Seated chest flies can help in improving your arms and back posture. Get on your chest fly machine and hold the dumbbells in your hands. perform the chest flies while keeping straight arms and crisp abdomen stretch. This would help you in maintaining the strength, stretch and correct posture in your arms and back. Perform this cool workout and stay away from various muscle cramps! This is one of the most beneficial workouts which can help in fighting such posture issues!

Seated Chest Flies

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