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7 Best Ways To Get Rid Of Body Acne


Body acne is quite a relatable and casual problem for the women with oily and greasy skin! Due to poor diet habits, due to extreme exposure to pollution, lack of water consumption, improper skin care routine and many such conditions result into body acne which are one of the most annoying elements! If you are tired while fighting with those bumps and hate to get body acnes on your face, arms, back and various such places, go for the cool anti acne masks which would fight the acne prone skin and would get you flawless and super smooth skin back! These packs are natural and herbal which would maintain the smoothness and glory of your skin while battling the issue of acne!

Here Are Some Of The Cool Home Remedies Through Which You Can Fight Body Acne And Get Your Body A Glorious And Beautiful Skin Back!

1. Cinnamon Aloe Vera Honey:

Cinnamon is filled with cool and nourishing ingredients which can get you rid of the acne soon. If you are facing this issue of body acne, you must use this iconic mask to get rid of all the acne related issues. Mix some cinnamon powder, aloe Vera gel and honey and apply this soothing mixture on the acnes. Soon you would get relief from this annoying issue!

Cinnamon Aloe Vera Honey


2. Baking Soda Olive Oil Honey Mask:

These two miraculous ingredients can simply work wonders on your acne prone skin. You can fight acne on your body with these cool ingredients and get your smooth and gorgeous skin back! Mix some olive oil and baking soda and add little honey. Apply this nourishing and rich mask on your acne affected skin and get amazing results gradually!

Baking Soda Olive Oil Honey Mask

3. Oranges Peel Lemon Juice:

Nothing can work as amazingly on the acne as the orange peel and the citrus rich foods. If you have acne affected skin and want to soon get rid of such issues, go for this miraculous mask which would soon get you rid of the body acne and make your skin awesome. Lemon juice and orange peel powder are highly impactful and would make your skin fight all the bacteria and infections!

Oranges Peel Lemon Juice

4. Camphor Oil Rose Water Gram Flour:

Camphor oil is an ingredient which is highly used in fighting the body acne. Due to oil and greasy skin, if your body develops acne, you can try this soothing and calming mask which would battle acne and make your skin worthy! Try this amazing mask and say bye to acne forever!

Camphor Oil Rose Water Gram Flour

5. Neem Leaves Green Tea:

Neem is such wonder and herbal ingredient which would fight issues like bacteria, infections, acne, pimples and make your skin super smooth an clear! If you constantly suffer from body acne, use this moisture to rinse the affected area or have bath in the neem and green tea water!

Neem Leaves Green Tea

6. Tea Tree Oil Green Tea Toner:

Tree tea oil is amazing acne fighter oil which would get you adorable effects surely! If your skin is highly affected by acne and you want some essential oils for fighting this issue, go for the tea tree oil and green tea for fighting the acne which would simply make your skin gorgeous and smooth! Fight body acne and get cool skin with this amazing mask!

Tea Tree Oil Green Tea Toner

7. Rose Water Glycerin Lentil:

Lentils are the promising ingredients which can get you rid of the body acne. The string and amazing powers of lentil powder would simply make your skin resistant to bacterial infections and also would fight acne. Mix some rose water and glycerin for soothing the skin and add lentil powder to fight acne!

Rose Water Glycerin Lentil


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