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7 DIY Peel Off Face Masks For Whiteheads


DIY Peel Off Face Masks For Whiteheads

Hate those white heads everywhere on your nose, chin, forehead and certain places over your face? Most of the women just like you are troubled and tired with this issue. White heads are the result of extreme oily skin, pollution, skin impairments, dirt, dead skin cells etc. just like the other skin issues, white heads are the most prominent and highly observed skin issues which annoy women. Due to lack of proper care and nourishment, the skin becomes more open towards such risks. Thanks to the natural ingredients which act as the saviors every time we get infected with such annoying skin issues! Especially the peel off masks prepared from the home ingredients would simply never fail to get you rid of the white heads and would make your skin beautiful, gorgeous and brightened forever!

Here are some cool peel off masks you can try straight way and fight white heads soon!

1. Orange Peel,Yogurt And Honey:

Orange peel powder is one of the most coolest and high impact ingredients which can work miracles on your skin. This amazing and cool mask prepared from orange peel powder, yogurt and honey would simply peel of all your skin issues along with white heads. Mix these ingredients and add some lemon juice. Apply this paste evenly on your face and let it work for 15-20 minutes. Peel it off and rinse.

Orange Peel,Yogurt And Honey

2. Papaya Peel Off Mask:

Papayas are filled with nourishing and nutritious ingredients which would deep cleanse and nourish your skin making it more beautiful and gorgeous. If you have a lot of white heads, Go for this redefining mask and get dazzling skin. Mix some papaya pulp, honey and little lemon juice and apply it n your face. Peel it off and get cool results!

Papaya Peel Off Mask
3. Egg White And Honey Peel Off Mask:

Egg white is a cool ingredient which can fight multiple skin issues just in few applications. The egg peel off mask is such a redefining and glorious mask which would simply fight the white heads and get you adorable and fresh skin. Mix some egg white, honey and apply this mask on your face. Peel it off after20 minutes and you would simply love the benefits!

Egg White And Honey Peel Off Mask

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4. Cinnamon  And Lemon Juice Mask:

Cinnamon powder is such a redefining and rejuvenating ingredient which would make your skin awesome as never before. The deep cleansing and nourishing properties of this ingredient would simply make your skin smooth and even toned while fighting the white heads. Mix some cinnamon powder, lemon juice and honey and apply it on your face regularly for fighting white heads forever!

Cinnamon And Lemon Juice Mask5. Baking Soda:

Baking soda works as a cool skin cleansing agent with numerous scrubbing benefits. For fighting white heads and such skin issues, you can apply the baking soda mask on your face twice a week and get beautiful skin! Apply baking soda with water on your face. Let it work for 20 minutes and peel off all the impurities and white heads along with the mask!

Baking Soda

6. Corn Starch And Apple Cider Vinegar:

Corn starch has cool properties of sticking to the skin and peeling off all the impurities and white heads along with other skin issues. Vinegar on the other hand makes the skin brightened and bacteria free. Apply the cool mask prepared from these ingredients and get flawless skin!

Corn Starch And Apple Cider Vinegar

7. Turmeric,Rice Flour And  Lemon Juice Mask:

Turmeric is filled with skin brightening and lightening properties while rice flour makes the skin ultra sooth and supple. Mixed with lemon juice a little honey, this mask would simply work miracles on your skin! Try this and you would love your flawless and blissful new skin!

Turmeric,Rice Flour And Lemon Juice Mask


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