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7 Hair Masks For Oily Scalp

Oily scalp is the problem numerous men and women face! Especially during summers, the oily scalp gets more oily and greasy resulting into endless sweat! This can get an irritating and highly discomforting situation for women who travel and work in tempered environments. The oily scalp would simply result into heavy sweating and hair damage.

Also the oily scalp can result into scalp pimples, rough and sticky hair, sweaty head and much more. If you are too facing this unpleasant condition, it’s time to go for some of the coolest and promising home remedies which would never fail to give you redefined and natural results! These home remedies would not only make your scalp balanced and oil free but would also get you rid of pimples, sweat and hair damage!

7 Hair Masks For Oily Scalp

1. Fuller’s Earth Pack

Have you heard about the miraculous and soothing impacts of the fuller’s earth? This cool and soothing ingredient never fails to get amazing results on the skin and hair. If you have a highly sweaty and greasy scalp, go for the classy and balancing fuller’s earth pack and you would get some awesome results. Mix some fuller’s earth and water and apply this paste on your entire scalp. This would get you cooling and reliving feel and would make your hair beautiful, thick and oil free.

Fuller’s Earth Pack

2. Apple Cider Vinegar And Lemon Juice

Apple cider vinegar works wonders on the greasy and over oily hair. If you have an oily skin and scalp, go for this cool and stunning mask prepared from apple cider vinegar and lemon juice which would simply remove the extra oils and make your scalp free from oiliness. These amazing ingredients are filled with cool pH balancing ingredients which would get you a non sticky and non oily scalp.

 Apple Cider Vinegar And Lemon Juice

3. Strawberry Mask

The straw berries are amazing when it comes to skin and hair care. Women use strawberries to get rid of the oily and greasy skin and scalp. This amazing mask with the essence and beauty of strawberry would simply make your oily scalp calm and balanced which would get you cool, thick, shiny and non oily hair. Mix some strawberry paste and yogurt and apply this over your scalp for amazing results.

Strawberry Mask

4. Aloe Vera Mask

Aloe vera gel is simply one of the ingredients which would get you rid of all the hair problems. Aloe vera gel is a refreshing and smoothening ingredient which would surely get all the excessive oils from your scalp and get you flawless and cool hair. Mix some aloe vera juice and lemon juice and apply this paste over your scalp. Within few applications you would notice your scalp becoming non greasy ad non oily!

Aloe Vera Mask

5. Tomato Mask

Tomatoes are foods rich with acids and ingredients which help in preventing and healing greasy/ oily skin. People rub tomato slices over the greasy and oily skin areas to get rid of it. You can follow the tomatoes juice pack for your hair for treating oily scalp. Get some fresh tomato juice and apply it on your scalp regularly for amazing results!

Tomato Mask

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6. Rose Water Baking Soda Mask

Both the rose water and baking soda are deep cleansing, softening and calming agents which would never fail to get you rid of oily scalp. Mix some rose water and baking soda and apply this mask before you wash your hair. Regularly use this technique to get super soft and clean scalp without excess oil!

Rose Water Baking Soda Mask

7. Cucumber Hair Mask

This is one of the most high impact and stunning ingredient you can use for your hair. Cucumber juice has the capability to fight the oiliness and get your pH balance maintained. This amazing paste would get you soothing effect and would prevent your hair from getting oily, greasy and sweaty!

Cucumber Hair Mask

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