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7 Health Benefits Of Foot Massage

There are countless health benefits of foot massage that are unbelievable to many of us, as mostly people go for foot massage when they have sore feet. When you get a foot massage it also relieves your sore neck, reduces a headache, and improves digestion. This procedure is called reflexology which is a therapeutic way of improving overall health and reducing pain by stimulating pressure points on hands and feet. If you don’t want to go for reflexology you can still obtain many health benefits just by simple foot massage of few minutes once or twice a week.

Here Are Seven Health Benefits Of Foot Massage:

1. It Enhances Good Sleep:

If you suffer from sleep disorders like insomnia or you just go through sleepless nights due to mental stress then trying foot massage is the best deal. It has been found out that few minutes of foot massage can do wonders for helping you goof night sleep. Foot massage releases our stress and subsequently helps you fall to sleep.

It Enhances Good Sleep

2. Relaxes Our Mind And Body:

Foot massage is a simple method to keep your mind and body calm. Foot massage relieves our anxiety and persuades deep relaxation. Our stress gets stored in plexus reflex found in the feet and foot massage releases this stress and helps our mind and body feeling relaxed. Foot massage also removes the blockages and enhances the flow of energy in the entire body.

Relaxes Our Mind And Body

3. Reduces Anxiety And Fights Depression:

Massage is one of the best methods to reduce depression and fight anxiety as massage gives you a feel good factor. Foot massage releases the brain chemical called dopamine and dopamine is responsible for keeping you happy, active and gets you going. It has been found in research’s that people who take regular foot massage have better mental health than others, they tend to have a sharp memory and can keep calm in tough situations. Foot reflexology is better in treating psychological disorders than a normal foot massage.

Reduces Anxiety And Fights Depression

4. Lowers Blood Pressure:

High blood pressure and hypertension effects are health adversely and can also lead to kidney failure or heart attack. Blood pressure can be lowered by regularly getting a foot massage. Many researchers have found out that foot massage brings a symbolic reduction in blood pressure and keeps you in good health. It also reduces hypertension noticeably.

Lowers Blood Pressure

5. Reduces Headaches And Migraines:

Foot massage relieves you from the tension, stress, anxiety, relaxes your muscles and improves blood circulation, improves your sleep. All these development subsequently affect your headaches and migraines positively and hence your pain is reduced and later gone from t constant foot massage. It can even cure the migraines that have lasted for years in your body.

Reduces Headaches And Migraines

6. Improves Nail, Skin And Hair Health:

If you have hair problems, weak nails or skin problems like dry skin then foot massage is three in one solution. Massaging your feet with lukewarm coconut oil or almond oil will ensure your healthy hair, skin and nails and will also improve the conditions of all the three.
Improves Nail, Skin And Hair Health

7. Best Cure For Swollen Legs:

If you suffer problems from swollen legs, painful ankles, feet, knees then opting for a foot massage or foot reflexology will be the best way to get rid of these problems. Foot massage can also reduce chronic sore leg problems. It also prevents foot and ankle injuries. This is because it improves the blood flow towards your feet and lower body which means that it also increases the amount of oxygen in your lower body and this helps your perform legs perform better.

Best Cure For Swollen Legs

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