7 High-Protein Desserts That Won’t Ruin Your Diet

Desserts are simply mouth watering. We simply get heartbroken when we are on a strict diet and are determined enough to not grab unhealthy foods and within some time a bowl full of mouth watering dessert comes to us! The delicious desserts can seriously make us break all of the diet plans and streak healthy food routine we have been following since long! However, the desserts can also be turned into a cool interesting, healthy food! By increasing the nutritional value and decreasing the amount of fat and calories in the desserts and while increasing the amount of protein in the dessert we can turn it into healthy and tasty dessert which can be consumed without any guilt! If you are looking for such amazing high protein desserts, here are the choicest and most delicious ones which you can consume and feel wonderful!

1. Protein Rich Cinnamon Cake Bar:

If you are looking for a mouth watering desert which can maintain the calories and increase the protein content to makeoyu feel healthy and light, the cinnamon cake bars are a perfect dessert option for you! Oyu can prepare this amazing dessert with some nutrition rich elements like buckwheat power, cinnamon, oats, almond milk, yogurt, vanilla extracts whey protein powder etc which are the most healthy ingredients you can use!

Protein Rich Cinnamon Cake Bar

2. Delicious Oatmeal Cookies:

If you love grabbing cookies after you dinner and lunch, here is a healthy, tasty and low calorie cookie option which won’t ruin your diet and feed you with something low calorie and high protein. This cookie recipe consists of whey protein, wheat flour, oats, cranberries, walnuts, protein powder, baking soda, cinnamon and such healthy ingredients which are the healthiest option for desert!
Delicious Oatmeal Cookies

3. Sweet Potato Pudding:

If you love sweet potatoes, here is a delicious dessert which can make you feel light, nutrition filled and healthy! The sweet potato pudding is filled with various nutrients and minerals enough to fill your desert healthy! Filled with spices and healthy nutrients, this sweet potato pudding is the one you must consider!

Sweet Potato Pudding

4. Mango Cherry Crumble:

This is such a healthy and mouth watering dish which can make anbyo0ne fill hungry. Filled with vitamins, protein, fiber and such essential minerals, this crumble is an iconic dessert which you must try. The juicy and delicious taste of mangoes and cherries would keep you full while the high fiber- protein rich crumble of oats would add a twist of healthy nutrients!

Mango Cherry Crumble

5. Banana And Berry Ice Cream:

If you want a protein rich ice-cream, go for this banana berry ice cream made with selective fruits and protein powder which can healthily balance your diet and make you feel lighter. This fruity and creamy ice cream is full of protein, vitamins, calcium and much amazing nutrients which would never ruin your diet!

Banana And Berry Ice Cream

6. Chia Protein Pudding:

Here is another protein pudding which is simply delicious and awesome. The chia protein pudding is a recipe which consists of protein powered, milk, chia seeds and bananas which is the most delicious and healthy combination to grab!

Chia Protein Pudding

7.  Chocolate Almond Smoothie:

If you love the delicious taste of cocoa, chocolate and almonds, try this superb combination of ingredients and prepare a healthy smoothie. Use the ingredients like cocoa powder, protein powder, dark chocolate and almond milk to prepare the smoothie and maintain the calories you need to consume. This is the best recipe for those who are on a strict diet and want to carb the dessert craving!
Chocolate Almond Smoothie

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