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7 Home Remedies For Acrodermatitis

Acrodermatitis is a type of skin disease that is generally seen in children. It is associated with pain and fever and the infection generally occurs in the limbs. Rashes develop and the children’s suffer. It does not come alone, it is comes with other diseases like Hepatitis B, Para influenza and respiratory disorders. There are certain treatments that can be done at hone for relieving the children from this disease.

Let Us See The Home Remedies So That We Can Also Use Them If Necessary.

1. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is available in every household and this could be an effective means of treating this disease. This lipid sinks into the skin closing the pores that have opened up and controls the moisture of the skin. It does not allow the skin to dry and reduces the irritation caused. You can apply this oil to the affected parts as and when required.

Coconut Oil

2. Jojoba Oil

You can use Jojoba oil also for treating Acrodermatitis. This is not oil actually but a kind of natural wax. Its penetrating power is more than other oils and the structure of it resembles the sebum that is present in our skin. It is very effective in keeping the skin soft and moisturizes the skin. You have to message the oil into your skin until it is partially absorbed and you can use it 3 to 4 times a day.

Jojoba Oil

3. Body Butter

Body butter is the best option that you can have to smooth the itching and painful patches that one has when they are suffering from this disease. In order to have the best body butter you have to mix Jojoba oil, coconut oil, beeswax and Shea butter. The saponifiable fatty acid that is present in Shea butter helps to heal, soften and repair the skin that is damaged. You can apply this as and when you require.

Body Butter

4. Vegetable Glycerin

Vegetable glycerin comes from vegetables. These glycerins help to bring back the lost moisture that the skin which is itchy and inflamated have lost. These are humectants that is they draw water on to the skin and smoothes them. You have to mix 1: 1 proportion of glycerin and water and use that over the affected parts.

Vegetable Glycerin

5. Oats

If you see that these oils and glycerin is not giving you the desired result while treating Acrodermatitis, then you can use Oats. It is desirable that you have an oatmeal bath. The chemicals present in oats helps to relieve the discomfort related to inflammation associated with Acrodermatitis. You have to make a bag of oatmeal using a cheese cloth and soak that for 15 minutes in the water that you will be having your bath. Having a bath with this water will relieve you from the pain of having Acrodermatitis.


6. Chamomile

Chamomile helps to reduce the inflammation, the itching and heals the spots that are created by Acrodermatitis. The natural alcohol called levomenol is the reason which gives this the healing property. It also has anti-microbial effects. This helps in diminishing the chance of Acrodermatitis again appearing after it is cured. In order to have this home remedy you will be requiring 4 spoons of Chamomile, a cheese cloth and a bath tub. You have to make a bag of Chamomile using the cheese cloth and soak that in the water in the bath tub for 15 minutes. You have to take a bath with this water which has the healing properties. After having the bath you have to apply the normal moisturizer that you generally use.


7. Fish Oil

Fish oil is a great help to reduce the itching that is associated with Acrodermatitis. N6 and N3 fatty acid present in the fish oil provides it with the healing touch. These fatty acids are plenty in fish oil and they are required for proper functioning of skin. If anyone takes a daily dose of fish oil then it is produced more inside the body and gives skin the natural functioning that it should have. For having this daily dose you need to have fish oil and orange juice. You have to mix the fish oil with some orange juice and have it. Mixing with orange juice will take off the odor that fish oil has.

Fish Oil

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