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7 Home Remedies For Erysipelas

Erysipelas is a skin infection or disease which causes inflammation and results into fever sometimes. It is a type of bacterial infection which causes rashes on the nose and cheeks of the patient. This infection is painful and can also lead to mild swelling. This infection causing little bumps on the skin can be eliminated using various medications and techniques but, if you want a natural remedy for the cure of erysipelas. These remedies consist of the natural and herbal ingredients which cause no harm to the ski and would get you soon rid of the bumps, inflammation and painful experience of the bacterial infection.

Here Are Top 7 Home Remedied Which You Can Try

1. Almond Oil Remedy

Almond oil is considered as a nourishing and smoothening agent of the skin. You can use almond oil to get rid of the skin infections and bacteria which would battle the bumps, inflammation and swelling. If you are suffering from erysipelas since a long duration and have not been able to get relief, try the almond oil remedy and get rid of the infection soon. Regularly, apply almond oil on the bumps twice a day and get faster results.

 Almond Oil

2. Blackberry Leaves Remedy

Black berries just not only taste well but are amazing for some of the skin issues. The antioxidant and anti bacterial properties of Black Berry leaves make the skin infection and bacteria free and would also battle the erysipelas bumps on the skin. Crush some blackberry leaves and apply it on the affected area twice a day. Within few days you would get relief from this infection.

Blackberry Leaves

3. Cold Compresses

Cold compresses are frequently used for skin infections and such kind of disorders which causes swelling, redness and bumps. The cold compresses can be highly effective when it comes to infections and pain. Apply cold compresses on the infected skin and bumps regularly and you would get instant relief from the inflammation and burning sensation. Also pain and redness would visibly get reduced with frequent use of this home remedy.


4. Wormwood Tea

Wormwood tea is amazing and when it comes to erysipelas, it works wonders on the infection. This herbal tea is rich with anti bacterial and anti fungal properties which fight skin issues and disorders. If you have been suffering from erysipelas from long, try using this remedy for a faster healing. Wash the infected areas with wormwood tea several times a day and get rid of the infection within no time!

Wormwood Tea

5. Wheat Bran Remedy

Wheat bran can work miraculously on this skin infection. The calming and soothing properties of wheat bran would reduce the swelling, redness, pain and inflammation caused by the infection. You can soak the wheat bran in cold water for the entire night. Drink a glass of this water in the morning regularly. Soon you would get desirable results.

Wheat Bran

6. Baking Soda Remedy

Baking soda is widely used for deep cleansing the skin and for erysipelas you can use this remedy which would flush out all the bacteria and get you a clean skin without infections and disorders. Soak baking soda in some water for few hours and in a day for a few times, wash your infected skin with this water and get amazing results soon.

Baking Soda

7. Witch Hazel

This amazing ingredient has deep cleansing properties along with antibacterial properties to fight skin infection. You can wash out your infected skin using the witch hazel soaked water and can get relief from the pain and inflammation. Wash he infected skin with this amazing ingredient and get amazing results soon.

Witch Hazel

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