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7 Home Remedies For Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder also known as adhesive capsulitis is a condition where the shoulders get stuck and painful. In this complication, the shoulders get stuck and jammed and no motion is regulated. You are simply not able to move your shoulders due to immense pain. This is a very rare disorder where the people between the ages of 40-60 get infected with it. The shoulder joint are the primary pats which are affected with this condition and the patient has to face immense pain. If you are a patient of this disease or want to know regarding the natural remedies available for this condition, you can go through this list of all the promising ingredients which can help you in reducing this complication.

These Are All The Natural Ingredients Which Can Relief And Soothe The Pain In Shoulder Joints:

1. Black Sesame Seeds:

These are the ingredients which can get you amazing help in healing frozen shoulder.[1] Due to this condition, the shoulder joints get painful and stuck. Also sometimes the patients suffer from immense swelling and pain. You can use back sesame seeds which are filled with copper and zinc. These two elements are filled with cool properties which can relieve pain and swelling and get awesome results.

 Black Sesame Seeds

2. Olive Oil:

This amazing and nourishing oil is wonderful for the frozen shoulder. This condition can be reduced with olive oil. Generally after a patient suffers from frozen shoulder, the joints become stiff, rigid and painful. In this case, the olive oil massage would help in reducing stiffness and pain. Eat extra virgin olive oil in your food to get relief![2]

Olive Oil

3. Warm Compresses:

Nothing can work as miraculously on the painful shoulder joints such as warm compresses. [3] The warm compresses are very helpful in reducing stiffness, pain, swelling, and inflammation in the joints. You can apply warm cloth on the affected area or can place the warm heating bags on the shoulders for faster recovery!

Warm Compresses

4. Ginger:

Filled with amazing anti inflammatory properties, this amazing food would fight pain and swelling and would get cool results.[4] Consume ginger tea daily in your food for fighting stiffness, swelling and pain over the shoulder joints. This remedy would surely get you flawless and quick results!


5. Pineapple Juice:

Pineapple juice is an anti oxidant and is filled with cool properties which can battle pain and would get you cool results over frozen shoulder. This amazing fruit is filled with enzymes and essential vitamins which would fight inflammation, pain and dwelling on the joints.[5]

Pineapple Juice

6. Turmeric:

This herbal ingredient would never fail to work miracles on the pain. For bruises, pain, cuts and such conditions, you can use turmeric powder to get fast and efficient relief! Use can use turmeric powder in many ways to heal frozen shoulder. You can either drink it with Luke warm milk or can apply it directly on your shoulders. Mix some turmeric powder and water and heat this mixture. Apply this miraculous mixture o your shoulder joints and get cool results soon![6]

7. Mustard Oil:

If you want natural oil which can relieve pain and get rid of the stiff shoulders, this is the best option to select.[7] Mustard oil is filled with cool acids and properties which can get relief over shoulder pain and get you cool results. Massage mustard oil daily on your shoulder joints and get benefits! This is the best remedy which can remedy swelling, pain and inflammation over the joints quickly!

Mustard Oil

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