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7 Home Remedies To Slow Down Ageing

No one likes to grow older. But it is inevitable that age shows it signs upon our body and we gradually become old. We may be young at heart but the signs of aging definitely leave a mark on our body. Isn’t there any way to slow down aging so that we can be both young at heart and body. Yes there are ways that can slow down the aging process.

Let Us See Some Of The Home Remedies For Slowing Down Aging.

1. Rose water And Glycerin Solution

Moisturizing the skin is a vital part of slowing the aging process. A solution of rose water and glycerin will prevent the appearance of wrinkles, crows feet and will rejuvenate the aging skin so that the aging process can be delayed. It is simple to use. You just have to apply the solution to your skin with the help of cotton balls[1]

Rose water And Glycerin

2. Egg

Egg contains various anti-aging compounds like omega 3 fatty acid and biotin. Biotin helps in production of fat in the body and also repairs the damage that is caused on the skin due to aging. Egg also tightens the skin grip which it loses with age. You just have to mix the egg white with cream and a dash of lemon juice to make this pack. You can apply it all over your body to have the desired effect.[2]


3.  Carrot And Potato

Carrot which is a source of vitamin A helps in collagen production and potato smoothes the skin and reduces wrinkles. The pack when used gives a glow to your skin and reduces the aging process. You have to boil the carrots and potatoes and make a paste and apply in on to your skin to have the anti aging effect.[3]


4. Banana

Banana is known for its anti aging properties due to the presence of vitamins A, B and E in it. It also provides iron, potassium and zinc which are useful minerals to encounter aging. You just have to mix rose water and honey with the banana pulp and apply it on to your skin.[4]


5. Avocado

You can use the pulp of Avocado or chilled Avocado to have the anti aging effect that you wish to have. It helps to give a glow to your skin and wades of wrinkles and smile lines that are related with aging.[5]


6. Oils Of Almonds, Rosewood And Sandalwood

If you apply a mixture of these oils on to your skin you will see the wonder that it creates. You will forget that you are aging as it helps you to take care of wrinkles, smile lines and crow feet. It helps to rejuvenate the skin and add glow to it.

Oils Of Almonds, Rosewood And Sandalwood

7. Pineapple

If you are nearing the age of thirty and the aging signs are appearing to show up then you must use this pack made from pineapple to wade them off. You just have to cut a pineapple and rub in onto your skin for 5 minutes and wash off with warm water. You will be astonished to see the glow and disappearance of aging signs that were appearing onto your skin. The glow and radiance that you will get will make younger people ashamed to be in front of you.[7]


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