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7 Homemade Toner Recipes For Healthy And Lustrous Hair!

Your hair are the most attractive and gorgeous part of your face! Anybody can get attracted to the beautiful and voluminous hair! Every woman wants strong, fluffy bouncy and lustrous hair which can grab anybody’s attention! The bouncy and gorgeous hair shows its health and this can be improved! If you want to transform your hair, here is an amazing list of ingredients which you can use for your hair. These recipes are flawless and would keep your hair nourished. These recipes are prepared using some promising and healthy natural ingredients which would never fail to work magically on your scalp. Try these recipes and make your hair beautifully healthy!

1. Amazing Nettle Tonic:

The nettle leaves can work miracles on your hair with its hair enriching properties. Nettle is a widely used ingredient for hair care and to strengthen your hair from roots to the tips. Crush some nettle leaves; add few drops of jojoba oil and water. Boil this mixture for few minutes and Leave this mixture in a bottle. This is an amazing tonic which you can use to make your hair shiny, strong and voluminous!

Amazing Nettle Tonic

2. Parsley Rosemary Tonic:

If you have heard about the benefits of parsley for hair growth and strength, here is an amazing tonic which you can use and make your hair look flawless. Mix some rosemary leaves chopped and parsley seeds with water and boil these herbs. Let them boil for few minutes and then pour in a bottle. Use this amazing hair tonic to make your hair strong, long and bouncy as never before!
Parsley Rosemary Tonic

3. Horsetail Hair Tonic:

Horsetail is widely sued for hair growth and to add a glittery shine to the hair. This amazing herb has natural properties which can make your hair awesome within juts few uses. This tonic would prevent hair breakage and dullness and would result into a lawless tonic. Crush some horsetail and water and boil this mixture for few minutes. Pour in a bottle and use this to transform your hair magically!

Horsetail Hair Tonic

4. Mustard Oil Tonic:

Mustard oil is hair growth enhancing ingredient which is used with fenugreek seeds in this super cool tonic. This combination would keep your hair healthy, fine and smooth as ever! Get some mustard oil and fenugreek seeds. Mix these ingredients and let them boil for 30 minutes. Pour this mixture in bottle and use this flawless tonic for hair growth and volume!

Mustard Oil Tonic
5. Ginger Onion Tonic:

As we all know, onions are awesome for hair growth. Onions can make your hair strong and flawless and ginger is a super hair growth boosting ingredient which can nourish your scalp and make your hair look shiny and flawless. Mix some onion juice and ginger juice and apply this mixture on your scalp with gentle motions and make your scalp beautifully hydrated!

Ginger Onion Tonic

6. Olive Oil Honey Tonic:

Olive oil is a gentle and smooth hair growth ingredient which can make your hair look shiny, smooth and voluminous. Mix some olive oil and honey and apply this smoothening in tonic on your scalp. Let your hair grow and shine with this awesome tonic and fall in love with your hair once again!

Olive Oil Honey Tonic

7. Apple Cider Vinegar And Coconut Oil Tonic:

Apple cider vinegar is a hair growth booster which can boost hair growth along with coconut oil. Mix some coconut oil and apple cider vinegar and apply this tonic on your scalp. This would allow blood circulation and make your hair grow rapidly!

Apple Cider Vinegar And Coconut Oil Tonic

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