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7 Miraculous Ways To Use Olive Oil For Hair

Olive oil is one of the most amazing and widely preferred ingredients when it comes to beauty and health care. This fatty oil is filled with numerous and cool elements which can make your hair gorgeous and stunning in different ways! This amazing oil nourishes the hair, makes them strong and thick, adds a glorious shine to the hair and also would promote hair growth. What can be more amazing and cool than this single product working wonders in such different ways! For different hair types, this cool ingredient can be mixed and accompanied with different ingredients and can get awesome results! If you are facing hair fall issue, have thin and lifeless hair, your hair gets brittle and dull or is completely degraded due to over styling, and here is a super ingredient and cure for all the hair issues!

Go Through These Cool Olive Oil Applications For Hair And Get Fab Hair!

1. Simple Olive Oil For Hair Growth:

The amazing oil promotes hair growth and also prevents heavy hair fall! This cool ingredient attacks the follicles ad nourishes them to promote hair growth and too add divine strength to the hair. Go for olive oil massage on your hair and you would simply love the growth speed of your hair. This amazing remedy would help in getting your hair stronger and longer in few applications!

Simple Olive Oil For Hair Growth

2. Olive Oil, Egg White And Honey For Conditioning:

If you want a DIY conditioner which can make your hair super smooth and gorgeous, here is a cool and iconic hair asks which would get flawless results on your hair. This cool mixture has amazing ingredients which can simply work wonders on your hair. Mix some olive oil, egg white and honey and apply this cool and redefining mask on your hair. Let it set for 30 minutes and rinse. This mask would add extra smoothness and shine to your pretty hair!

Olive Oil, Egg White And Honey For Conditioning

3. Olive Oil Garlic For Dandruff:

If you have a lot of issues with your hair like dandruff, dry and itchy scalp, try this amazing mask which would fight all the dandruff issues and would make your hair gorgeous and dandruff free. Mix some olive oil with garlic cloves and let this mixture set in your hair for 15-20minutes. Rinse the hair with shampoo. This amazing remedy with cool antibacterial properties of garlic would help in fighting dandruff other hair infections!

Olive Oil Garlic For Dandruff

4. Olive Oil And Banana For Dry And Frizzy Hair:

If you feel your hair are getting dry, brittle, frizzy and lifeless and you need a cool nourishing hair mask for repairing your hair, go with this awesome mask which would make your hair look adorable and dazzling. This cool mask prepared from olive oil and bananas would soften and smooth up your hair enviably!

Olive Oil And Banana For Dry And Frizzy Hair5. Olive Oil And Lavender Oil For Nourishment And Growth:

For promoting growth and gorgeous hair, you must use this cool mask with olive oil, lavender oil and little honey which can work miracles on your hair. Massage your hair with this mixture and make your hair more soft, smooth and gorgeous.

Olive Oil And Lavender Oil For Nourishment And Growth6. Olive Oil And Coconut Oil Mask:

Olive oil is filled with nourishing properties while coconut oil is one of the most beneficial oils when it comes to hair issues. Coconut oil makes the hair thick, shiny and strong as never before! Mix these oils and prepare a natural mask. Apply this mask once a week and all your damage would flush out!

Olive Oil And Coconut Oil Mask

7. Olive Oil Lemon Juice Mask:

If you have extra greasy oily and dandruff studded scalp, nothing would work as amazingly as this cool mask. Go for the redefining mask with lemon juice and olive oil which would fight dandruff and oily scalp. Also it would help the hair maintain the pH balance and make your hair smooth and shinier!
Olive Oil Lemon Juice Mask

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