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7 Natural Remedies To Minimize Open Pores

Open pores in skin are like scars that resemble orange peel and can make the skin look damp, as if you are aging. Besides, it can also give rise to bigger skin problems like acne, blackheads and rashes. People with oily skin should be extra cautious and get themselves some natural remedies at the earliest as this type of skin produces excessive sebum. No matter how big the claims of cosmetic products are to minimize open skin pore, it is always considered thoughtful to go for natural remedies. That way, you are not treating your skin with too much chemicals too soon. Next, natural remedies use stuffs that are part of your food basket.

Here Are 7 Natural Remedies To Minimize Open Pores

1. Fuller’ Earth

A face pack entrusted with minimizing skin problems for years, including open pores. It is the most ideal ingredient for those who have oily skin as fuller’s earth can absorb high amount of oil and minimizes open skin pores. Add a few drops of rosewater in the pack to get clean skin and refreshing glow.

Fuller’ Earth

2. Bentonite Clay Pack

Another form of clay that has the same property as fuller’s earth. Made of volcanic ash, bentonite can also unclog the pores thereby giving you dirt free skin and sucks extra oil out of the open pores. You can also use this pack for softening of blackheads so it can be removed easily.

Bentonite Clay Pack

3. Steaming

The no-cost involved process of minimizing open skin pore uses anything but steam of hot water- that’s it. Another advantage is that in the process of steaming the open pores, you also get rid of bacteria that cause acne and rash. Upper skin layer is softened softly so the pores get unclogged gently.


4. Honey

This agent of natural emollient is not just good for minimizing open pore but also gives the skin much needed glow. With antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, it minimizes acne and also helps in tightening open skin pore.

apply honey

5. Parsley

From the family of herbs, parsley is known as one aromatic herb that strikes a balance between open skin pore and sebum. Apply a thick paste of parsley on your face and the redness of skin fades almost completely. You can unclog pores and also lessen toxins.


6. Cucumber

From soothing your eyes from itching or to make your entire digestive system functional without any ado, use of cucumber also benefits for opening of skin pore naturally. It is one of the few vegetables that qualify as natural astringent which tightens skin pore. The use is pretty simple; extract cucumber juice and apply the juice on your face using sopped cotton ball for fifteen minutes. Clean your face with cool water. You can also add rosewater in the cucumber juice for additional benefits like skin glow.

Cucumber on face

7. Yogurt

Stop shrinking your nose and shrink those open pores of your skin instead. Since it is a milk product, it has the same goodness in neutralizing dead skin cell, flushing out dirt. Apply a layer of yogurt on face for minutes to unclog pores followed by cold water wash.

apply Yogurt

Exfoliating is another method which is believed to be another tested method that can be applied for minimizing open skin pore. The point to be considered is use of a brush made of soft bristles. So, try the above mentioned natural remedies and see the difference.

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