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7 Natural Ways To Reduce White Spots On Your Skin

Appearance of white spots on your skin may damage the prettiness of your skin. These spots can appear on the skin due to various reasons. Genetics does take some part in the contribution of white patches. Also, chemical reactions and viral or neural causes can lead to this skin condition. These spots can also be a sign of loss of skin pigment. When the cells which produce melanocytes or melanin die or stop functioning, these white spots can occur on the skin. Fungal infection of skin can also result in this skin condition. Once the white spots appear on the skin, then it is very tough to get rid of them. In medical terms this skin condition is known as Leucoderma. It’s another name is vitiligo. However, there are some powerful home remedies for managing white spots.

Here Are 7 Natural Ways To Reduce White Spots On Your Skin

1. Turmeric

We already mentioned that white spots can also occur due to the fungal infections of skin. In such cases, turmeric comes to your rescue. Turmeric is very helpful in eliminating the white spots or discolored spots from your skin. It also restores your skin’s natural color. This is because this ingredient is very effective in obliterating the microorganisms. Thus, it helps in the rebuilding of skin cells. For this, take a root of turmeric. Rub this root on the stone with little water. Apply this paste on the white spots of your skin.[1]


2. Ginger Juice And Red Clay

Ginger is full of medicinal properties. Red clay is packed with copper. The combination of ginger juice and red clay is highly known to be beneficial in restoring the skin’s natural color. Just add some red clay to ginger juice and mix them well. These ingredients should be taken in the equal amounts. After mixing them, apply this paste on your white spots. Follow this process on daily basis. This amazing remedy works well in stimulating your blood circulation. Thus, this remedy heals your white spots quickly.[2]

 Ginger Juice And Red Clay

3. Radish Seeds

Radish seeds are another effective remedy that heals your white spots or patches effectively. In fact, these seeds are in use since ancient times to get rid of various health and skin issues. Thirty-five grams of the powdered radish seeds must be taken and added to two teaspoons of vinegar. Blend these ingredients carefully. Apply on your white patches.[3]

Radish Seeds

4. Honey

Honey is rich in antibacterial properties which work wonder in reducing the white spots that are caused by fungal infections. Smear some raw honey on your skin and leave it for twenty minutes to half an hour. Then, rinse it off using tepid water.[4]


5. Mustard Oil And Turmeric

Mustard oil when added with turmeric is highly known to be useful in offering you with clear skin. Take five hundred grams gm of turmeric powder and allow it to soak in eight liters of water. After that, mix 500 milliliters of mustard oil in that mixture. Heat the mixture till only the oil is left. After that, turn off the flame, strain the mixture. Then preserve it in a clean bottle. Apply this medicated solution on your white patches for at least 2 times a day for few months.[5]

Mustard Oil And Turmeric

6. Fig

Fig is rich in a chemical called furocoumarin. This chemical is very useful in offering you clear skin through reducing white spots or leucoderma. Consume this pear-shaped soft fruit for few months on a regular basis to get rid of white spots. Alternatively, you can apply the juice extracted from fig tree leaves on your skin until you notice the desired results.[6]


7. Psoralea Corylifolia

Psoralea Corylifolia or babchi is a plant. Powdered seeds of Psoralea Corylifolia can be applied on the affected area. Add little quantity of water into this powder. Apply this paste on your skin and sit under sunlight for few minutes. This process must be followed regularly to fade out the white spots.[7]


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