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7 Prominent Symptoms Of Kidney Infections In Your Body!


The main function of kidneys is filtration; they filter the blood and removes all the toxic waste from the blood in the form of urine and at the same time sends the remaining necessary elements back to the body for circulation. Therefore, kidneys play a major role in eliminating toxins from our body and keeping the body healthy. In conditions when the kidneys do not function properly there is a toxic build-up in our body which can severely impair the health and wellness. Mentioned below are 7 very prominent signs and symptoms of kidney infections which you must look out for.

1. Frequent Fever And Chills:

A person suffering from kidney infections usually suffers from frequent fever. The fever is usually accompanied by chills as well. Fever and chills is usually the first sign which the body gives out in response to the infection and our body’s immune system reacts to the infected kidneys in the form of fever and chills. When the kidney infection is left untreated the fever becomes frequent and recurrent in nature.

Frequent Fever And Chills

2. Pain In The Back Or The Groin Area:

As a result of infection in the kidney area, the kidneys and the neighbouring areas in the body might become inflamed or even become swollen. This results in pain and discomfort in the back or in the groin portion. This pain can also be accompanied by abdominal pain and discomfort which becomes severe while passing urine.

Pain In The Back Or The Groin Area

3. Frequent Urination With A Strong Urge To Pass Urine:

The filtration process gets damaged due to kidney infections and as a result some changes are observed. There can be a very strong urge to pass urine which is usually accompanied by frequent urination. In severe stages this develops into conditions like urinary retention or urinary incontinence.

Frequent Urination With A Strong Urge To Pass Urine

4. Burning Sensation In The Urinary Tract:

The urinary tract and the organs involved like the urinary bladder, ureters etc. become swollen and inflamed due to urinary tract infections as well as due to the kidney infections. This results in moderate to severe burning sensation which is experienced in the urinary tract. It may cause severe discomfort to the patient and must be treated immediately.

Burning Sensation In The Urinary Tract

5. Passage Of Blood Or Pus Along With Urine:

When the kidney infection is undetected and untreated, the filtration is affected. There is passage of blood along with urine which also causes lot of pain and discomfort. In addition, some people may also pass pus cells and debris along with urine; this causes a further spread of infection making it severe and difficult to treat.

Passage Of Blood Or Pus Along With Urine

6. Change In Appearance Or Smell Of Urine:

Due to kidney infections the urination and filtration process is hampered. Some items which ideally should have been stayed in the body – like blood tend to get filtered along with urine. This changes the appearance of urine. In addition, there is passage of pus and other cells in the urine; this changes the smell of the urine and gives it a foul stinky smell.

Change In Appearance Or Smell Of Urine

7. Fatigue:

Usually people suffering from kidney infections suffer from a loss of desire to eat food. In addition, due to damaged filtration the body tends to throw out the nutrients and other important elements which provides us strength. This makes the body weak and devoid of nutrition; as a result, the person suffering from kidney infections becomes fatigued and tends to stay lazy and tired throughout the day.



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