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7 Reasons You’re Tired All The Time

Tiredness after a day full of hard work is normal. But feeling tired all the daylong is not normal right? Stop blaming your sleep hours as it can be much more than that. As lack of sleep can affect you 2-3 days only, once you get proper sleep, you’ll get active by tomorrow. Give yourself proper sleep and try to figure out whether you’re better after getting sleep or you still feel tired all the day. What if you still don’t get active after having a long sleep? Here are the actual reasons that will make you surprise, think about it and get yourself out of this prison of tiredness.

1. Dehydration:

Dehydration can affect your activity level directly. Let me explain how: when you consume less amount of water than your body’s requirement, your blood start to get thick and it enables your heartbeats to run slower. Due to which you feel tired and low all day long.

2. Inactive life Style:

Sedentary lifestyle leads you towards whole day tiredness and fatigue. Using computers, watching T.V more than certain time limit, Job timings excessive smoking and alcohol is the biggest part of day to day life. Physical activities and eating healthy food can give you many health benefits, so to fight with tiredness try to increase your physical activities, prepare exercise schedule and eat healthy.
Inactive life Style

3. It Can Be Thyroid Diseases:

Thyroid causes certain imbalance in hormones and high imbalance in hormones makes you feel tired all day. Thyroid glands when are active or hyperactive, you can feel tired for all the day long. This tiredness can reflect issues in your thyroid gland and production. Various thyroids related disease can cause tiredness which you must consider seriously!

It Can Be Thyroid Diseases

4. Stress And Depression:

The reduces dopamine levels can cause depression, feeling of stress and low pleasure, if you are extremely stressed and depressed about anything, it can result into the tiredness. The depression of your emotional and brain can also affect your physically causing tiredness. Thus, being stressed and depressed about an issue all the day long can make you feel extremely tired and lazy!

5. Anemia:

Anemia is also known as iron deficiency in the body, iron is a very impri9tant mineral for our body. It helps in boosting hemoglobin and blood flow. Due to lack of iron which is used in various processes in the body, you can feel tired and lazy. Your body requires energy and pope blood flow which is not supplied if you are suffering from anemia. Thus, anemia can be the leading cause or tiredness and laziness!


6. It Can Be Side Effects Of Medicines:

The general medicines, pain killers etc can make you feel tired and sleepy. If you are on a prescription of cold and cough medicines, painkillers due to nay disease, tiredness comes as a side effect of these medicines. In such cases, you can sleep and let the medicines work. This is for reducing the effect of pain and suffering on the body and thus, the medicines can make you feel tired!
It Can Be Side Effects Of Medicines

7. Stopped Exercising:

Starting an exercise routine in the beginning would case you muscle pain. Your body is not habituated for this level of workout and stress on the muscles and thus you can feel tired. The same thing happens which you suddenly stop working out. Your body is habituated with the workout and sudden ban can cause tiredness and laziness!

Stopped Exercising

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