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7 Top Uses Of The Coconut Oil

The coconut is a natural protector of the skin. True to its natural hard cover on the outside, the inside white of the coconut embodies this quality and never lets down its user. A young looking you is assured upon regular use of this natural oil. Its use is not restricted to or limited to age groups and gender. However, consumption of coconut oil in large dosages may lead to fat accumulation. Hence, an effective and limited use is advocated. Trace your steps to a healthier and younger looking you by using the coconut oil as listed below in your daily routine. DIY!!!

1. Skin Therapy:

Warm half a cup of coconut oil. Rub this in even strokes gently on your facial skin, hands and legs and all over your body. The skin immediately will lose its roughness especially during winter, and become supple. Enjoy a warm sit out in the sun and soak in a lot of Vitamin D for about half an hour and finally wash off with a warm water bath. The surge of energy and freshness coupled with a softness is simply heavenly!

Skin Therapy

2. For Thick And Glowing Hair Growth:

Ancient India has long promoted the use of coconut oil in cooking many dishes. This edible oil not only emanates a good aroma, but its intake has proved to promote thick and lustrous hair and prevents balding. Suggest you start the use of the intake in your children at the very beginning. An effective way to use this oil is to warm the oil in its desired quantity and gently rub it in small circles into the scalp and cover a thin towel over the head and wash after half an hour of this massage with lukewarm water. A regular use of this oil twice a week ensures the growth of thick and radiant hair.

For Thick And Glowing Hair Growth

3. Acts As An Antiseptic In Insect Bites:

Rub a little coconut oil on parts of the body when bitten by insects and mosquitoes. It will immediately reduce the itching sensation and helps to prevent the spread of further redness of the skin.

Acts As An Antiseptic In Insect Bites

4. Beauty Products:

Coconut oil based beauty products assure fair and glowing skin. Used as lip balm, dry lips will never set in.!

Beauty Products

5. Relief For Joint Stiffness:

Heat coconut oil with little camphor powder and when slightly warm, rub the same gently on the knee joints and spine. This gives relief from stiffness of the joints.The oil will never stain your clothes nor will it emanate an odor when used.

Relief For Joint Stiffness

6. Makeup Remover:

Coconut oil is a safe makeup remover. Dip a small wad of cotton wool in coconut oil and gently rub the same over your face to remove makeup. This aids in removal of makeup and also moisturizes the skin. Wash with lukewarm water and you will feel the suppleness and comfort of a goodnight’s sleep.

Makeup Remover

7. Coconut Based Cookies:

A dosage intake of plain coconut oil is not very palatable for some of us. Hence accompany your tea or coffee time with coconut cookies to enjoy the benefits of intake of coconut not only in its oil form but also as crunchy flakes in cookies. Its yummy and healthy!!
Coconut Based Cookies

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