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8 Amazing Health Benefits of Okra

Okra is also known as bhindi or ladies’ fingers in many parts of the world. This flowering plant belongs to the family of mallow. This food has the slightly peppery and unique taste. It is a powerhouse of the valuable nutrients. This food offers the plentiful health benefits. It is mainly known as the anti-oxidant food. It is especially good for diabetes. It also reduces the high-stress levels and lowers the cholesterol levels. It is very effective in cleansing the intestines and feeding good gut bacteria. This article lists few of the amazing health benefits that are offered by the okra.

1. Heal Inflammation Of Bladder And Kidneys:

Okra is very effective in healing the inflammation of bladder and kidneys. Okra is also very beneficial in relieving you from water retention and fevers. This amazing food works wonders in smoothening and brightening your skin. Diarrhea and impotence can be well managed with the help of okra.[1]

Heal Inflammation Of Bladder And Kidneys

2. Improves Digestion System:

This food is very helpful in keeping your digestive system healthy. The slippery gel in the okra pod is called the mucilage. This gel is highly helpful in offering the detoxifying benefits to the body. Mucilage in okra feeds the healthy bacteria. It also lubricates the intestines. Thus, mucilage acts as the digestion and elimination booster. Gel in the okra is very effective in keeping the blood sugar steady by keeping away the fast absorption of sugar in the digestive tract.[2]

Improves Digestion System
3. Improves Vision:

Improving vision is another amazing health benefit offered by the okra. Okra consists of good amounts of the beta-carotene. This amazing food also contains Lutein and zeaxanthin which are the essential compounds for maintaining the good vision.[3]

Improves Vision

4. Enhances Red Blood Cells:

This amazing food is very useful in enhancing the red blood cells. Okra consists of a nutrient called folate. This nutrient is highly helpful in enriching the red blood cells. This amazing food is very helpful in protecting your heart as well. It diminishes the risk of birth defects in the babies.[4]

Enhances Red Blood Cells

5. Reduces The Risk Of Diabetes:

B vitamins in okra slow the development of the diabetic neuropathy. These vitamins also lessen the homocysteine levels, a risk factor for this disease. Soluble fiber in okra also greatly aids in stabilizing the levels of blood sugar.[5]

Reduces The Risk Of Diabetes

6. Reduces The Risk Of Cancer:

This food reduces the risk of few forms of cancer as well. Insoluble fiber in okra is very effective in keeping the intestinal tract healthy. It binds the toxins and greatly helps in their removal. Thus, okra reduces the risk of few forms of cancer especially colorectal cancer. The soluble fiber in okra absorbs water and aids bulk up the stools. It also greatly assists in lowering the unhealthy cholesterol in the blood.[6]
Reduces The Risk Of Cancer

7. Relieves Flatulence:

Constipation, indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome are the few causes of flatulence. This problem can be easily managed with the help of okra. The high intake of okra is extremely known to be beneficial in relieving you from the issue of flatulence as well.[7]

Relieves Flatulence

8. Heals Stomach Ulcers:

Okra gives you relief from the issues of stomach ulcers and inflammation of the colon also. You can easily manage these issues by in taking higher amounts of okra. Firstly, put some okra on the cooked rice and cover the pot. When steamed this way, okra does not lose its chief nutrients. Consume this daily until the symptoms clear.[8]

Heals Stomach Ulcers

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