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8 Amazing Ways To Get Rid Heat Stroke At Home

The problem of heat stroke is a common but a complex health issue during summer season because the harsh radiations of summer directly sucks your energy thereby making your body metabolism weak. Heat stroke causes extreme dehydration on the body of its victim which leads to severe illness if it is not diagnosed at the right time. High exposure to the sun loses fluids in the body which causes body dehydration with other symptoms like high fever, headache, nausea, vomiting and muscles pain on its victim body. However, it can also be reduced by using the home remedies for the same. If you or your family member is suffering from heat stroke then you must try the following 8 home remedies so as to get rid of this complex health issue before it became dangerous for your body:-

1. Buttermilk drink:

Homemade buttermilk is very helpful in protecting your body against heat stroke. You can easily prepare the buttermilk at your home by blending 2 tbsp of yogurt in a glass of water and then adding a pinch of cumin powder and salt in it. You must drink this chilled drink at least twice a day so as to gain maximum benefit in reducing heat stroke. Presence of water, protein, probiotics, minerals and other nutrients in this refreshing drink maintains the temperature of your body thereby keeping you hydrated during summer.

Buttermilk drink

2. Tamarind Juice:

Drinking a glass of tamarind herbal concoction prepared by boiling a few leaves of tamarind in a glass of water for a few minutes gives better result in safeguarding your body against heatstroke. However, you must add 2 drops of honey ro 2 teaspoon of sugar to the prepared herbal juice so as to make it tasty. This energy drink provides all electrolytes as well as other essential nutrients to the body which gets lost due to dehydration thereby making your body extra hydrated. This remedy must be applied at initial stage of heat stroke to get fast recovery from heat stroke attack.

Tamarind Juice

3. Coriander Water:

Coriander water is also a natural remedy to reduce heatstroke attack. In fact, juice extracted from fresh leaves of coriander can quickly removes the excess of heat present on your body. You must add 1 teaspoon of sugar to this juice as this juice has somehow sour taste. Drinking this juice daily after your meal, will also make your body from common health issues occurring with heat stroke like vomiting and nausea comfortably.

Coriander Water

4. Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar or ACV is highly rich in essential vitamins and minerals which can easily regain the lost electrolytes of the body happened during heat stroke. You must drink a solution prepared by mixing 1 teaspoon of ACV in a glass of cool water whenever you feel weakness during daytime in the summer season as it will make your body cool by controlling your body temperature at a fast rate.


5. Sandalwood Powder:

Paste prepared with 3-4 tablespoon of sandalwood powder and small amount of water is too good for bringing down the increasing body temperature with its amazing cooling properties. You must apply the prepared paste on your chest and on your forehead followed by washing it off with cold water after an hour to enjoy the cooling effect of sandalwood powder on your heat stroke affected body.

Sandalwood Powder


6. Mung Beans Hydrating Drink:

Mung beans drink is also worldwide popular as traditional Chinese medicine for heat stroke. Boiled mung beans give extra hydration to the body thereby keeping your body temperature cool when you go outside from your home in hot windy conditions.  Also the antipyretic nature of mung beans removes the toxins of your body completely reduces chances of occurring any skin problem. You only needs to boil a cup of dried mung beans in 3 cups of water and then drinking this solution on cooling to get rid of heat stroke.

Mung Beans Hydrating Drink

7. Mixed Essential Oil:

Mixture of essential oils like peppermint oil, lavender oil and olive oil gives best result in easing heat stroke effects.You only needs to mix 2-3 drops of all these essential oils followed by applying the prepared mixture on your soles, on the back of your neck and also on your wrists before moving anywhere in the summer. Massage with these essential oils quickly raises the body temperature thereby producing a soothing effect on the sunburnt skin and nerves of its user.

Mixed Essential Oil

8.Onion Juice:

Juice extracted from onion is very good for controlling the rising body temperature and reducing heat stroke effects. If you’ve became a victim of heat stroke attack then you must apply mixture of onion juice and honey on your chest, under your feet and also behind your ears for around half an hour to reduce harmful impact of sunstroke on your body. Alternatively, you can also drink a cup of onion juice mixed with 2 drops of pure honey so as to ease your discomfort of heat stroke attack.

Onion Juice

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