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8 Amazing Winter Skin Care Tips For Dry skin

For many people, cold clear winters bring a lot more skin issues than just a rosy glow. For people having dry skin, winters are often considered the worst. Itchiness, flaking, and tautness are usual and neglecting your skin care needs during winters is something you should avoid as it might lead to eczema and red patches. Skin care from head to toe is essential during winters and people having dry skin should take that extra step to pamper the skin.

Here Are The Top 8 Amazing Winter Skin Care Tips For People Having Dry Skin:

1. Moisturize Often:

Moisturizing your skin is a vital step to keep your skin healthy, soft, and supple [1]. During winters, the outer layer of the skin becomes extremely dry and hence, it is essential to keep your skin moisturized. However, most of us prefer using typical moisturizing lotions to keep our skin moisturized during winters. But if you are a fan of natural ingredients, try applying extra virgin coconut oil or olive oil instead of those chemical based moisturizers.

 Moisturize Often

2. Exfoliate Lightly:

Exfoliation is essential to get rid of the flaky and dead skin cells on the skin [2]. This step helps keep your skin smooth, soft, and well moisturized. Exfoliate gently using natural skin exfoliating ingredients at least once every week to keep your skin healthy and nourished. Oatmeal and honey is a great exfoliating mixture. Use it to massage your face, lips, cracked heels, and hands. Wash off with cold water. Using cold water to clean your skin helps close all the pores and improves your blood circulation as well.

Exfoliate Lightly

3. Slather With Sunscreen:

Using sunscreen for your skin during summers is as essential as doing the same during winters because the UV rays could damage the skin even when it is cold outside [3]. Hence, it is essential to use a good sunscreen with an SPF (sun protecting factor) greater than 15. Even your lips need to be protected as well, so use a lip balm that has an SPF.

Slather With Sunscreen

4. Use Toner For Hydration:

Dry skin needs hydration and using a good toner provides hydration to your dry skin [4]. So, include toner in your skin care routine. Use a good toner right after cleansing your skin. Pick a good toner that suits your dry skin or prepare one at home using natural ingredients such as rosewater.

Use Toner For Hydration

5. Use Honey:

Honey provides hydration and moisture to your skin [5]. Using it for your dry skin helps provide nourishment as well as moisture to your skin. Few studies have even mentioned that humectant properties of honey help reduce inflammation and using it along with sugar acts as a great scrub that helps improve blood circulation and clear dead and flaky skin.

Use Honey

6. Take Fewer Baths:

Frequent showers or baths during winters do more harm than good to your skin, particularly if you take a hot shower bath [6]. Higher water temperatures can strip off your skin’s natural oils and can make it dry, itchy, and irritable. People with dry skin must avoid taking hot shower baths as it can make your skin extremely dry. Instead, you can prefer lukewarm water and better limit your baths to once every day.

Take Fewer Baths

7. Use Humidifiers:

Keeping your room temperature moderate is essential, particularly during winters [7]. Use a humidifier to humidify your environment during winters. This helps in reducing the amount of moisture lost from the skin due to evaporation. So, to add moisture to the air, you need to use a good humidifier.

Use Humidifiers

8. Try A Hydrating Facial Mask:

To keep your skin moisturized and to hold your skin’s moisture you need to use a good hydrating facial mask [8]. Hydrating facial masks are good, particularly during winters for dry skin. Try preparing a hydrating facial mask at home using some natural ingredients such as milk.

 Try A Hydrating Facial Mask

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