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8 Awesome Camphor Oil Hair Masks To Try At Home

Camphor is an amazing herbal ingredient which is also known as camphor and has some amazing benefits over the hair. For health and body care, this ayurvedic ingredient comes straight from camphor trees to condition and nourish our hair! This amazing and healing essential oil is filled with healing and enriching properties which can get you flawless hair in few applications!

This essential oil is filled with anti bacterial properties which makes it important element in fighting scalp acne, pimples and greasiness over the scalp. Also it can get you rid of the dry and rough hair while providing adorable smooth, and heart melting tresses! If you are unaware about the miraculous benefits of camphor oil over the hair, here are some cool camphor oil masks you would love to apply!

1. Camphor Oil Glycerin Mask:

If you are looking for intense shine and smoothness for your hair, nothing can work as miraculously as this amazing mask. Glycerin is widely used in hair conditioning and smoothening due to its enriching properties. Mix some camphor oil and glycerin and prepare a mask.

Cover your entire scalp and hair with this cool mask and let it work for 30 minutes, once a week try this awesome mask and you would get silky, shiny and glorious hair in no time! This is one of the promising camphor oil masks for adorable hair!

Camphor Oil Glycerin Mask

2. Camphor Oil And Egg Mask:

Eggs are filled with bulk of nutrients and minerals which can work miracles on your hair. This amazing ingredient is filled with protein, calcium, sodium and iron which are great in making the hair more voluminous, shiny and strong. With camphor oil, this amazing ingredient would simply work miracles on your hair and get you flawless results. Mix these ingredients and apply this mask on your hair for cool results!

Camphor Oil And Egg Mask

3. Coconut Oil And Camphor Oil Mask:

Coconut oil is one o the most widely used ingredients for hair care. If you are suffering from frizzy, brittle and rough hair and this mask would work as an anti frizz mask which can make your hair strong, healthy and beautiful. This amazing ingredient would simply make your hair thick, strong and beautifully conditioned. Nourish your hair with this amazing mask and fall in love with your adorable tresses!

Coconut Oil And Camphor Oil Mask

4. Camphor Oil And Almond Oil Mask:

Almond oil is an amazing ingredient which would get you addicted to the mask. Almond oil is filled with all the essential nutrients and minerals which your hair requires to stay hydrated and nourished. If you are looking for some cool amazing benefits from camphor oil for hair growth and strong hair, sue it with sweet almond oil and you would simply love your hair! Apply this mixture on your hair and get numerous benefits!

Camphor Oil And Almond Oil Mask

5. Camphor Oil And Mint Hair Mask:

If you want a refreshing and smoothening hair mask with some of the finest ingredients for hair enrichment, nothing would work as this mask. If you always love to calm your scalp while promoting hair growth, you can sue this flawless mint and camphor oil mask for immense and instant results. Mix these ingredients and apply this soothing mask which would promote hr growth, cleanse the scalp and make your hair strong with each application!

Camphor Oil And Mint Hair Mask

6. Camphor Oil Cinnamon Hair Mask:

Cinnamon powder is one of the coolest ingredients used for exfoliation of the scalp. If your scalp is affected with dandruff, acne and greasiness, you can try this superb cleansing mask to nourish, cleanse and hydrate your hair. Mix some cinnamon powder and camphor oil and apply this soothing mask on your hair every week. This mask would get your hair a beautiful thick texture and cool nourishment in a go!

Camphor Oil Cinnamon Hair Mask

7. Olive Oil Camphor Oil Mask:

Olive oil is an amazing conditioning and super hydrating mask which would make you crazy! This flawless mask would simply get you numerous benefits and make your hair flawless. Olive oil can repair the damaged hair, split ends, rough hair and other issues and get you beautiful hair in no time! Mix some camphor oil and olive oil and apply this conditioning mask on your hair. Regular use of this mask would get you beautiful, thick and glossy hair!

Olive Oil Camphor Oil Mask

8. Aloe Vera Camphor Oil Mask:

Aloe Vera gel is a super conditioning herbal extract which can work miracles on your hair. If you want a magical ingredient which can nourish your hair and get you multiple benefits, this mask would promote hair growth, fight greasy or dry scalp, and get you beautiful hair as never before!

Aloe Vera Camphor Oil Mask

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