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8 Awesome Health Benefits of Flax Seeds

Flax seeds indeed coming from a flowering planet that are famed to grow in the cooler parts of the world. These seeds are actually used in many industries for the manufacture of bed sheets, table linen and under clothes. These seeds are known to occur in two varieties out of which one of them is brown in color while the other is indeed gold. Dating back to the early centuries, these seeds are initially used only in the textile manufacture process and later on the health benefits had even come into play.

This is mostly due to the rich amounts of fiber present in these seeds. Also it’s used in the preparation of one of the highly used edible oil in the world named flax seed oil or linseed oil. One mustn’t forget the health benefits of using flax seeds as they can be the solution to many health concerns. In this context, this article features some of the known health benefits of these flax seeds.

1. Reduces The Amount Of Cholesterol:

Cholesterol has now become the common problem of many individuals and this is due to the poor quality of food that is consumed. It mustn’t be forgotten that cholesterol is the main reason behind many health concerns especially the problems related to the heart. Also, there’s a high need to sort out a way to reduce the levels of cholesterol in the body and a natural alternative is well known to be free from side effects and hence it must be actually preferred over the synthetic ones.

In this regard, flax seeds can assist the purpose to the maximum extent as they’re quite well known to handle the problems regarding the cholesterol levels majority of the times. The rich fiber present in these seeds indeed trap the cholesterol and fats that are actually harmful.[1]

Reduces The Amount Of Cholesterol

2. High Anti-Oxidant Content:

Among all the other benefits, flax seeds are most commonly used for this one. It is well known to possess the highest amount of anti oxidant content among all the foods that are a part of the human diet. In this regard, there’s a lot of necessity to consume these seeds for better health alterations. The high amount of lignans assist a lot in cell development, anti aging etc. Also flax seeds are quite rich in polyphenols that are indeed helpful in reducing the microbes present in the human body including yeast.[2]

High Anti-Oxidant Content

3. Reduce The Effect Of Cancer:

Not every type, but there are certain types of cancer that can be thoroughly treated with flax seeds. These include ovarian cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer etc. Many researches and studies have proved that consuming flax seeds can lower the risk of breast cancer to the maximum extent possible. This is due to the three lignans present in the flax seeds which are indeed converted into enterolactone  and enterodiol. These are the naturally occurring hormones and these are the ones which are highly responsible for fighting against cancers on the whole and reduce any further complications.[3]

Reduce The Effect Of Cancer

4. Skin Health:

It’s highly recommended to include a tablespoon of linseed oil to the smoothie for many better skin benefits. This is because flax seeds are quite renowned to reduce the dryness as well as flakiness of the skin with the help of ALA fats present in the seeds. These seeds are also beneficial to health as they’re known to handle problems concerning with ‘dry eye syndrome’.[4]

Skin Health

5. Aids In Digestion:

Flax seeds are also known to assist a lot in the digestion process and reduce many digestion problems of an individual. This is due to the high amounts of ALA fats present in these seeds. These fats accumulate in the digestive tract and assist in the smooth movement of the food. Also linseed oil is well known to handle the problems associated with Crohn’s disease on the whole.[5]

Aids In Digestion

6. Benefits During Menopause:

Lignans are known to possess some high estrogenic properties and this capability assis a lot to women during menopause conditions. They reduce the risk of osteoporosis and also help a lot to the menstruating women by maintaining the regularity of the cycle.[6]

Benefits During Menopause

7. Aids In Weight Loss:

Flax seeds are known to be stuffed with some high amounts of fiber and some essential fats with which even the high intake of these seeds can result in a few calorie consumption that in turn assists a lot in the weight loss.[7]

Aids In Weight Loss

8. Reduces Inflammation:

This is yet another benefit of the presence of ALA fats in the flax seeds which are quite responsible to reduce the extent of inflammation in the body.[8]

Reduces Inflammation

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