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8 Best Natural Laxatives For Reducing Constipation

Constipation is caused due to many factors like indigestion, irritated bowels, dehydration and digestive gut inflammation. Whatever the reason be, it becomes extremely painful to clear the motion that can lead to piles and stomach cramps. Constipation is also one of the major reasons for gastrointestinal problems like gas, bloating and acidity. Laxatives are amazing items that reduce inflammation of digestive gut and irritated bowels. It softens the faeces that result in clear motions. You can find a lot of synthetic laxatives in the market, but did you know that the nature has already bestowed us with a number of natural laxatives? Today we will explore 8 such amazing natural laxatives that not just reduce constipation, but eventually removes it.

1. Aloe Vera:

Surprised that your favourite herbal cosmetic is also a natural laxative? Well, don’t be. Aloe Vera is loaded with the goodness of anthraquinone glycosides that are strong laxatives when used in specific amount. Anthraquinone glycosides are present in the milky fluid of aloe vera, also known as latex. It eases the irritated bowels and softens hard stools.[1]

Aloe Vera

2. Lemon Water:

Lemon water works as a natural laxative when it is consumed empty stomach. It works even better when it is warmed. It relaxes the stiff bowels and irritation digestive tract. This is because, it contains vitamin C. And Vitamin C also works as a digestive enzyme in the body. You can also drink lemon soda, if constipation is chronic and causes gas and stomach pain.[2]

Lemon Water

3. Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an amazing natural laxative, but should be taken in small divided amounts, since it is strong. It gently smoothens the tense digestive tract that further smoothens the bowels and stools. It works like a master anti constipation agent when taken alongside lemon water.[3]

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

4. Apple:

Apple juice makes a wonderful natural laxative for people who have a record of having problems in digesting raw apples. It is loaded with high traces of Sorbitol that effectively reduces constipation by softening the bowels and stools on a regular basis. And raw apple, being rich in fibers, smoothens the bowels. This helps the food to glide easily. It increases the stomach and intestinal metabolism and functioning, which reduces constipation.[4]


5. Pears:

Pears are packed with ascorbic acid, what we generally call vitamin C. And ascorbic acid works as an activated antioxidant, when ingested. And a combination of insoluble fibers and ascorbic acid reduce acidity that reduces gut, intestinal and bowel irritation. It softens stools. Thus, pears are beneficial laxatives for people suffering from acute constipation.[5]


6. Spinach:

Spinach is not just a constipation remover for people suffering from both acute as well as chronic constipation, it also protects the body from future chances of constipating. It has a lot of fibers that smoothen faeces. And smooth stools reduce irritation in bowels that removes constipation.[6]


7. Dry Apricots:

Dry apricots have vitamin A in abundance. And Vitamin A along with high traces of insoluble fiber, soothe the inflamed acidic digestive tract. This is because, apricot neutralizes the acid and creates alkaline conditions. It softens the entire digestive tract from the gut to bowels. This increases better absorption of nutrients and the produced waste is soft. Thus, the stool is greasy and slips through the bowels without much trouble.[7]

Dry Apricots

8. Prunes:

Prunes are one of the best rated natural laxatives that are loaded with the goodness of insoluble fiber, dihydroxyphenyl isatin and sorbitol. Fibers and Sorbitol, which is a natural glucose like fruit sugar, absorb water in large amounts in the stomach and intestines. Thus, the produced stool is moist, and not coarse and rough. And Dihydroxyphenyl isatin increases the flexibility of intestines by reducing muscular stiffness. Thus, the bowels contract and expand normally. As a result, the stomach is no more constipated.[8]


The above listed 8 food items reduce constipation naturally without causing any side effects. Instead, they offer side benefits like reduced toxicity, acidity and stomach cramps.

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