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8 DIY Brown Sugar Scrubs To Get Rid Of Dead Skin Cells

Brown sugar has got so many beauty benefits and the best part is that it is cheap and natural. Brown sugar exfoliates and scrubs the skin and also imparts the perfect radiant glow. It is also gentle enough to not cause any skin damage but it does scrub the skin well. In addition, brown sugar is also known to remove scars and blemishes and it also helps in reducing pimples and acne. With all the mentioned benefits it is a perfect element for your beauty regime. The best known way to use brown sugar in your body beauty routine is to use it as a scrub. We bring to you 8 super simple yet effective do-it-yourself scrubs made from brown sugar; have a look.

1. Coconut Oil And Brown Sugar Scrub:

Coconut oil is nutritious and it gives a radiant glow to your skin, coconut oil superbly moisturises the skin keeping it healthy and youthful. You can make one of the best body scrubs by mixing brown sugar with coconut oil (preferably the cold pressed oil). It is simple, you just need to mix crushed and coarsely powdered brown sugar and mix it well with coconut oil so as to make a coarse paste. Apply this all over your body and scrub just before bath to remove the dead skin cells. Ideally it is beneficial to wash the scrub with warm water and moisturise after.

Coconut Oil And Brown Sugar Scrub

2. Brown Sugar And Honey:

Honey is a moisturiser and it also has anti-bacterial actions. You can make a wonderful scrub by mixing coarsely crushed brown sugar with honey. This DIY scrub can be applied all over the body; it helps to remove dead cells and it also helps in reducing hair growth thus reducing your parlour visits. It is best to leave the scrub on the skin for 5-10 minutes and then remove it by gently scrubbing. You may add some olive oil to it for added moisturising and if you have a dry skin.

Brown Sugar And Honey

3. Brown Sugar And Vanilla Scrub:

Another important element for removal of dead skin cells is vanilla extract; especially when it is mixed with brown sugar. Mix brown sugar with vanilla extract and some oil (coconut oil or sunflower oil or olive oil as per preference) and mix well to form a coarse paste. This DIY scrub will help in efficiently removing dead cells while making the skin radiant and depigmented.

Brown Sugar And Vanilla Scrub

4. Brown Sugar And Oatmeal Body Scrub:

You would be aware of oatmeal as an ingredient in many beauty and skin care products. It helps in removing dead cells and it expedites the new cell growth of our skin. Thus it makes our skin looks young and also reduces pigmentation and tanning. To make a DIY scrub you need to add crushed brown sugar with oatmeal powder and add some milk to it and mix well to make a thick coarse paste. Apply generously all over the body and keep for 15 minutes before scrubbing and exfoliating.

Brown Sugar And Oatmeal Body Scrub

5. Brown Sugar And Ground Coffee Scrub:

Ground coffee helps to fight against acne and also removes pigmentation. Thus it is a good component to be used as a scrub. For best effect you can use it along with brown sugar and some honey. Mix all the ingredients together; make sugar the coffee is ground coarsely and apply. This DIY brown sugar scrub also benefits against reduction of cellulite and stretch marks.

Brown Sugar And Ground Coffee Scrub

6. Brown Sugar Peppermint Oil Lip Scrub:

Brown sugar scrubs can be used for the entire body; this particular scrub is to remove dead cells from our lips. You need to mix crushed and powdered brown sugar with peppermint oil and add some olive oil to this mixture. Mix well to make a thick coarse scrub. Apply on the lips and scrub gently to remove the dead dry cells of the lips; once you wash it off you will observe immediate benefit.
Brown Sugar Peppermint Oil Lip Scrub

7. Orange Peel And Brown Sugar Scrub:

Orange peel scrubs are abundantly available in the market; they help in removing dead skin cells and also revitalise the skin. When you mix the dried orange peel powder with brown sugar and add honey to it, you will get a wonderful scrub with great beauty benefits.

Orange Peel And Brown Sugar Scrub

8. Brown Sugar And Lemon Scrub:

Lemon is known to be rich in vitamin C and antioxidants and it helps in delaying ageing. When added to brown sugar coarse powder it makes an excellent DIY scrub to remove dead cells of the skin. You can also add some honey to this scrub for better results.Brown Sugar And Lemon Scrub

Try the above mentioned remedies regularly and see the difference if few weeks. If the condition still persistes, consult your doctor immediately.

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