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8 DIY Sandalwood Masks For Different Skin Types

Sandalwood is one of the most natural ingredients available around the house. You can either use a sandalwood stick and then grate it on a stone surface to get natural extracts or you can use pure sandalwood powder to create different masks. The beauty of the sandalwood is that it calms and soothes the skin which fights acne and pimples along with giving a radiant and healthy glow.

Here Are 8 DIY Sandalwood Masks For Different Skin Types

1. Sandalwood And Fullers Earth Mask For Oily Skin

This is a classic combination that really works very well for oily skin types. You need about 1 spoon each of both fullers earth and sandalwood powder or 2 spoons of the thick paste. To this add some water or even rose water if you wish too. Mix well and apply on the face, once dry then wash it off.

 Sandalwood And Fullers Earth Mask

2. Sandalwood And Camphor Mask For Clear Skin

Camphor is another natural ingredient that not only helps in getting rid of the problem of blackheads but also gives you glowing skin. Take a pinch of camphor powder and mix it up with 2 spoons of the sandalwood paste or even 1 spoon of the powder. Apply and leave on the face for about 10 minutes or till dry. Then wash off. You can also gently scrape the skin using a bit of water to get rid of blackheads faster.


3. Sandalwood With Cucumber Mask For Oil-Proof Skin

This mask will give you natural glow and also tone the face. Sandalwood helps in toning the skin while the natural juices of the cucumber double as an astringent. Mix tougher to form a thick paste and then apply on the face. Wash off after drying.

 Sandalwood With Cucumber

4. Tea Tree Oil With Sandalwood Mask For Flawless

Stubborn and chronic pimples do tend to come back fast. With this easy to apply mask, you can keep them at bay. Just take about 5 drops of tea tree oil and mix with sandalwood powder. Add some rose water to this and apply before bathing. Wash after 15 minutes to get rid of pimple issues for flawless skin.

Tea Tree Oil With Sandalwood

5. Sandalwood And Egg White Tightening Mask

If you want to tighten your skin and get the benefits of anti-ageing too then you should try mixing 2 egg whites with the sandalwood paste or powder. Additionally, you can also add a few drops of sandalwood oil in this to get rid of the smell. Let the pack stay till its dry. Then wash off to fight signs of ageing.

Sandalwood And Egg White

6. Pure Sandalwood Mask

For this mask, you don’t have to add any other ingredient to the same. Just apply the thick sandalwood paste all over the face and neck. It naturally cools and tightens the skin while adding a gorgeous glow.

Pure Sandalwood Mask

7. Brightening Saffron And Sandalwood Mask

Soak some saffron in a few strands of milk for about 20 minutes. Once the colour of the saffron is totally absorbed by the milk, then mix this to the sandalwood powder. Mix well to get a thick paste. Now apply this in upwards motion and let it stay for about 20 minutes to get glowing and brighter skin.

Saffron And Sandalwood Mask

8. Antibacterial Sandalwood And Turmeric Mask

Take a pinch of organic turmeric powder or even a spoon of fresh turmeric juice. Mix this with sandalwood powder or paste to form a thick paste. Now apply this and let it dry. Turmeric fights bacteria and in combination with sandalwood prevents acne too. Don’t leave the pack on for more than 30 minutes or skin will get too dry.


Sandalwood And Turmeric Mask

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