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8 Effective Hair Masks That Can Help To Reduce Hair Thinning

Thin hair and hair fall are common issue women face. There are various causes of thin hair. Improper hair care products, diet issues, lack of proper nourishment and several such conditions can cause this and lifeless hair. No women can ever get enough of their hair and would always dream for gorgeous and lustrous tresses. However, not all women are blessed with gorgeous hair and stunning hair growth. In such cases, you can try some amazing hair growth masks which can promote hair growth and make the hair look thick and long. Also these masks would prevent hair fall and give great volume to the hair. There masks are a boon for hair and would improve the hair quality as never before. With amazing natural ingredients exclusively used for hair thickening and growth, these masks would make you fall in love!

1. Banana Almond Oil Mask:

Thick hair is no more a dream is you have these cool ingredients in your hair mask list. Bananas are filled with nutrients which every scalp requires. With rich protein, calcium, Iron, magnesium and potassium, bananas would add shine, smoothness and nourishment to the hair. Also almond oil is used to promote hair growth and prevent hair fall. Mix banana crush and almond oil and apply this amazing mask on your scalp and entire hair. From tip to root nourishment, apply this mask and let it work for an hour. Use this mask three times biweekly and fall in love with your hair! [1]

Banana Almond Oil Mask

2. Egg Onion Juice Mask:

We have all heard of the benefits onions can have for hairs. If you are suffering from hair loss, thin hair, low hair growth and such hair issues, this is the ultimate ingredient which you can use. Also eggs are awesome for boosting hair growth and enriching the hair quality. You can use egg yolk if you have dry hair and egg white if you have extremely greasy scalp. This would balance the consistency of the mask and suit your scalp. Apply onion juice and egg mask on your hair every week and witness the thick hair in few applications! [2]

Egg Onion Juice Mask

3. Avocado Olive Oil Mask:

Avocadoes are amazing when it comes to hair and skin. If you want a nourishing fruit which has all the ingredients which can quench the thirst of your hair and scalp, nothing would work best than avocadoes. The nutritional value of avocadoes is high and would make your hair flawless. Olives are filled with acids and nourishing ingredients which can make your hair thick while promoting hair growth and would also make the hair long and strong. [3]

Avocado Olive Oil Mask

4. Potato Aloe Vera Gel Mask:

We have some cool ingredients which can work miracles and wonders on your hair. Your scalp requires some cool ingredients which can nourish the scalp and promote hair growth. Your dry and undernourished scalp would require some elements which can enhance hair growth and make hair flaunt! Brittle hair and damaged hair can also cause damage and the hair look thin. Thus use potato juice and aloe Vera gel which can promote hair growth while making the hair smooth, supple and thick as never before! [4]

Potato Aloe Vera Gel Mask

5. Castor Oil Mask:

We love castor oil for its amazing hair growth properties and speed. Nothing can make the hair grow as amazingly as castor oil and thus, we can use this amazing mask for thick and voluminous hair. It is filled with all properties and enzymes which can make the hair grow and prevent hair fall. Apply castor oil before shampooing your hair every week and your hair would get beautifully thick and desirable in few applications! [5]

Castor Oil Mask

6. Yogurt Fenugreek Mask:

Yogurt is a stunning fermented ingredient which has some cool bacteria which can make the scalp beautifully cleanse and nourished. Also fenugreek seeds are used widely for smoothening the hair and preventing hair fall. If you want to promote hair growth, make them smooth and get a lavish shine, you can use this perfect combination for enriching the hair quality! You can sue fenugreek powder or can also use the water with soaked fenugreek seeds and get stunningly thick hair! [6]

Yogurt Fenugreek Mask

7. Apple Cider Vinegar Green Tea Mask:

What can be better than green tea and apple cider vinegar which can fill your hair with amazing anti oxidants and make the hair look thick and strong? Apply this mask with these two ingredients which can make the hair look immensely lustrous and prevent hair fall! [7]

Apple Cider Vinegar Green Tea Mask


8. Coconut Milk Mask:

Coconut milk is a flawless ingredient which can make the hair nourished and deep conditioned. Coconut milk is filled with essential ingredients which can nourish the hair and promote hair growth ceasing the scalp, revitalizing hair and making the hair look beautifully lustrous is something this mask would surely do! [8]

Coconut Milk Mask

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