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8 Effective Lemon Remedies To Get Rid Of Dark Circles

Lemon juice is the best ingredient used in beauty and skin care due to its blissful properties and satisfactory results. Lemon juice is filled with a lot of citrus and vitamin C which is identified as one of the best nutrients for skin! Either for enriching the skin beauty or for targeting any specific skin issue, lemon juice is used differently for different skin types! If you are wondering how you can use lemon juice to make your skin bright and beautiful, consider the anti bacterial, bleaching, skin tightening and skin whitening properties of lemon juice and use it on your skin! This will simply make you addicted to this awesome food which you will love to add in your daily beauty care regime!

8 Effective Lemon Remedies To Get Rid Of Dark Circles:

1. Lemon Juice And Egg White Mask:

Egg white is such an awesome ingredient which can have amazing effects on the skin. Egg white is known to pull off all the impurities, dirt and germs from the skin effectively! If you want a lemon juice mask which can effectively fight your dark under eye circles, here s a promising way to use it! Mix some egg white and a spoon of lemon juice and apply this under eye mask. Keep the mask away from eyes and don’t let it touch your eyelids. Keep this mask for 15 minutes and rinse with water!

 Lemon Juice And Egg White Mask

2. Tomato And Lemon Juice For Under Eyes:

Tomato juice is considered as a smooth and raw dark circle fighting ingredient which can bleach your skin and retain its original tone! If you are suffering from dark under eye circles since long, here is a quick and easy remedy which will give you awesome results. Get some tomato juice and mix half spoon lemon juice. Apply this anti pigmentation mask under your eyes. Leave it for 15 minutes and rinse! This is a beneficial mask for fighting dark circles effectively!

Tomato And Lemon Juice For Under Eyes

3. Lemon Juice And Almond Oil Pack:

Almond oil is such a nourishing and hydrating ingredient which will repair your rough and dry under eye skin within minutes! If you are concerned about the pigmented and patchy look of your skin under eyes, mix some almond oil and some lemon juice. Apply this hydrating and multi vitamin mask on your face or under eyes. Use this mask on regular basis to keep your skin away from dark circles!

Lemon Juice And Almond Oil Pack

4. Turmeric Powder And Lemon Juice:

This is an awesome ingredient which is used since eras for skin care. Turmeric has amazing skin softening and anti gaining benefits which will also reduce dark circles, bagginess, pigmentation and dark spots from your under eye region! Mix some turmeric powder and lemon juice and apply this mask under your eyes carefully. You can also mix some honey and make the mask more enriching!

 Turmeric Powder And Lemon Juice

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5. Lemon Juice And Cucumber Juice:

If you want a repairing mask which also gives some skin soothing properties, here is a flawless mask which will keep your skin free from pigmentation and dullness. Mix some lemon juice and cucumber juice and daily apply this relaxing mixture under your eyes. This will help in reducing tiredness, bagginess and dark circles effectively! Use this mask and make your eyes look bold a bright everyday!

Lemon Juice And Cucumber Juice

6. Mint And Lemon Juice:

Here is a refreshing and multi benefit mask which will give you a soothing feel once you apply it under your eyes! Min is a refreshing agent which not only cleanses the skin but also allows blood flow under the skin which banishes bagginess and dark circles. Use this amazing variation of lemon juice for ski and your dark circles would get battled easily. Mix some lemon juice and mint juice and apply this hydrating mask under your eyes. Leave it for 15minutes and rinse with water! This is a perfect mask which you can use to get fresh and dark circle free eyes!

Mint And Lemon Juice

7. Lemon juice with potato juice:

Potato juice is considered as one of the finest ingredients to fight pigmentation and dark patches over the skin. If your under eyes have become dull, dark and extremely patchy, here is a mask which you can use. Using potato and lemon juice on your under eyes will make the skink cleansed and nourished with smoothness! Thus, go with this mask and keep your skin super bright!

Lemon juice with potato juice

8. Lemon Peel Powder With Honey:

This is such a mild and soothing mixture which will deep cleanse your skin and reduce dark circles within just few applications! Mix some lemon peel powder and honey and apply this hydrating mask under your eyes. This will clearly fight dark skin and will leave you with fresh, bright and pathless skin!

Lemon Peel Powder With Honey

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