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8 Fruit Face Packs For Uneven Skin Tone


Uneven skin tone is one of the most common and widely noticed issues in women! What women dream about is a gorgeous and stunning bright complexion with even toned skin and what they have to deal is, with a dull, un even, patchy and pigmented sin tone! Dry to over dryness, pigmentation, pollution and dead skin cells, the skin gets dark and patchy in some area of the body. Here is exactly where you can use the delicious and juicy fruits to nourish your skin! Fruits are some of the most stunning and promising ingredients which would get your skin nourished and rejuvenated. These fruits would fill your skin with vitamins minerals and all the nourishment it needs and would get you rid of the uneven complexion!

Here Are Some Of The Choicest And Cool Fruit Masks Which Can Get You Adorable And Fine Toned Complexion This Season!

1. Strawberry Lemon Juice Honey Mask:

Strawberry is an amazing and skin brightening fruit which can make your skin beautiful and even toned. If you think your skin has lots moisture and feels dry and itchy, you can try this nourishing and redefining ask which can simply work wonders on your skin and make it look gorgeous. This would also fight the patchiness and would make your skin shine!

Strawberry Lemon Juice Honey Mask

2. Pineapple Aloe Vera Gel:

Dry, itchy, pigmented and dull skin are the targets of this cool mask which it reduces significantly! If you feel that your skin has become dull and lifeless, you can try this rejuvenating and cool mask which would get your uneven skin tone beautiful and bright. Mix some pineapple juice and fresh aloe Vera gel and apply this glorious mask on your face. This would get you results you never thought of!

Pineapple Aloe Vera Gel

3. The Hydrating Papaya Mask:

Filled with great antioxidants and cool nourishment properties, the papayas are wonder ingredients for almost all the skin types. This cool fruit is filled with amazing nourishing and moisturizing properties which can redefine ad add a glorious shine to your skin. Either you have sun tan or patchy skin, go for this replenishing fruit mask and get awesome results! We assure, you would fall in love with the cool results and flaunt them with pride!

The Hydrating Papaya Mask

4. Peach Milk Mask:

Peach is our favorite fruit which can simply brighten your skin and make it ultra smooth in just few applications! Peach is such a blissful and redefining ingredient which makes the skin light and bright and fights patchy and pigmented sin. Along with milk, this cool fruit would simply get you nourished and super smooth skin you always dream of! Tyr this glorious and cool fruit mask if you have uneven and patchy complexion and get flawless and irresistible skin soon!

Peach Milk Mask

5. Banana Yogurt Orange Juice Mask:

Bananas are smoothening fruits which can simply add some shine, softness, beauty and charm to your lifeless and uneven toned skin! Along with orange juice, this mask would simply fight the dead skin ells, pigmented skin, dark patches, dullness etc and would make your skin bright and beautiful as never before! If you want some added brightness, yogurt would work as a miraculous ingredient which gives some quick and instant results in making the skin flow!

Banana Yogurt Orange Juice Mask

6. Grape Apple Pack:

If you love these tangy and sweet fruits, this is an amazing mask which can get your skin too in love with these fruits. Grapes and apple juice simply targets the dead skin cells, fight the impurities and dirt and brightens the sin as never before! This cool and dazzling mixture would simply never fail to get you instant fairness and irresistible skin within just some applications for sure!

Grape Apple Pack

7. Honey Avocado Mask:

This smoothening and cool mask would make your skin ultra smooth and brightened. The amazing and skin brightening avocadoes along with skin smoothening honey would make your skin adorable bright and white! If you want some enviable complexion and make people go crazy over your skin, try this amazing and redefining fruit mask and we assure, it would surely get you awesome results an instant fairness for sure!

 Honey Avocado Mask

8. Mango Pack:

If you love to eat those amazing and delightful mangoes, you would probably not spend a single mango over the face packs! But if you would come to know about the benefits mangoes have for your skin, you may change your decision! Mangoes are rich with nourishment and would make your skin super smooth and stunning. Mix some honey and mango and apply this refreshing paste on your face! Your skin would get brightened and even toned with just few applications!

Mango Pack


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