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8 Health Tips For Scoliosis Pain Relief

Scoliosis is the medical condition in which the spine gets curved and one feels immense pain in the back. Curve may be noticeable, or maybe not. Apart from pain, there are some other changes in the body like a shoulder blade may protrude, hips may become uneven, one can feel stiffness in the body, he/she may feel breathing problems and prominence of ribs can be other symptom. The main cause of this problem is scoliosis pain can be fought by various ways. Some healthy tips to fight this pain are as follows:

1. Mend Your Sitting Posture:

It is often advised to maintain a perfect sitting posture. Today, people in the corporate sector have to sit for prolonged hour on desk working on a computer, in such a case an imperfect sitting posture can harm your body and cause such a situation like scoliosis. One should always keep his/her back straight while sitting and maintain a perfect tall posture avoiding the bent sitting structure in which you slouch according to your will.

 Mend Your Sitting Posture

2. Yoga:

One of the most effective technique in curing any such condition like scoliosis is YOGA. It has magical effects and people following yoga claim that it has results quicker than medications prescribed by the allopathic doctors. There are many such positions in yoga which are meant for curing back pain and scoliosis conditions like Body twist, etc. It takes nothing but half an hour a day and has no side effects in return for the body.


3. Exercises (Specially Stretching):

Since childhood, we are being taught that when you wake up, you must start your day with exercise. In case of scoliosis, one must follow special set of exercises which affect the right area prescribed by a physiotherapist. Stretching really helps in the case as it stretches the right muscles to avoid contraction and cramps and improves the blood flow in the body reducing the problems.

Exercises (Specially Stretching)

4. Massage:

One other remedy that works wonders in the case of Scoliosis is taking a smooth massage. There are many massage and body spa parlors today available everywhere where there are special trained people who can massage in the right way to relieve you from the pain. There are many massage parlors who have special massage packages for people suffering from backache and they use effective oils for the massage too. Massage helps in improving the circulation of the blood in the body and thus strengthens muscles.

5. Swimming:

Swimming is a good exercise, which helps to improve the functioning of the lungs. It is actually a low impact exercise and helps to reduce the scoliosis to an extent. It helps the body muscles to strengthen and provides them a good health. It is often advised to swim in fresh water otherwise there may be problem more compared to relief expected.


6. Magnesium Intake:

Magnesium is a mineral which has lot to do with the scoliosis. A person suffering from the same must regularly get the level of magnesium tested in his/her body and maintain it to the accurate level. To maintain the shortages of magnesium, one can take diet rich in magnesium or complete the shortage by taking magnesium tablets. It is prescribed to improve magnesium intake because Mg reduces the cramps and pain in the muscles which is mandatory to be done in scoliosis.

Magnesium Intake

7. Hot And Cold Pack:

Heat therapy is often believed to help the pain in the scoliosis condition. One must use a hot pack by covering it with a cloth and applying on the painful areas of the body for about half an hour or so. This is a technique to provide results with immediate effect. In case of swelling or any inflammation in body, one can use cold compress. Frozen vegetables can act as a cold compress after you keep them in a towel or a cloth and apply on the swollen or irritating areas.

Hot And Cold Pack

8. High Kicks And Sideway Walks:

Magical is the result of exercise done in the right direction and through the right technique. Two very effective exercises or say physical activities suggested in scoliosis are High Kicks and Sideway walks. A sideway walk is one in which you are advised to keep your feet close and walk sideways instead of front in a balanced manner. High kicks, you need to kick as high as possible with one leg and alternatively with other. You can continue this kicking and walking exercises for at least 15 minutes each daily to find magical results in the pain.

High Kicks And Sideway Walks

Try these healthy tip and lead a healthy life.

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