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8 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Dark Spots On Lips

Pinkish and lustrous lips play an important role in making you attractive. But sometimes, many people notice the appearance of black spots on the lips. The reasons for the appearance of black spots on the lips include warm wind, sun burn, cold weather, usage of old lipsticks, dehydration, and usage of certain medications etc. These black spots on the lips ruin the natural beauty of a person. The overall attractiveness of a person fades off with the appearance of black spots on the lips. This leads to the major disappointment to many people. But, we are glad to inform that these spots can be easily eliminated with some amazing natural ways.

In This Article, We Are Going To Share Some Amazing Natural Ways For Getting Rid Of The Dark Spots On The Lips.

1. Beetroot Juice:

This amazing vegetable is extremely useful in eliminating the dark spots on your lips. It works amazingly well in offering pinkish glow to your lips. All you have to do is to take some fresh beetroot juice and apply on your lips before your bed time. Let the beetroot juice stay on your lips for the whole night. Rinse it off in the next morning. Try this method on a daily basis before your bed time for obtaining the desired results.

Beetroot Juice

2. Glycerin:

Another effective natural ingredient for reducing the black spots from the lips is glycerin. Take some glycerin and add it to some amount of rose water. Mix these ingredients together. Apply on your lips. Follow this process before you sleep in the night. Cleanse your lips the next morning. The combination of glycerin and rose water makes your lips rosy and attractive. Besides this, these wonderful ingredients provide you smoother and softer lips.


3. Apple Cider Vinegar:

Acv is packed with amazing bleaching properties. With these properties, acv exfoliates your skin and plays an important role in removing the dark spots on your lips. Apply little acv on your lips before going to bed. Let this ingredient stay on your lips for the entire night. Wash off your lips in the morning for enjoying brighter lips.

Apple Cider Vinegar

4. Lemon Juice:

Lemon juice is considered as an excellent remedy for enhancing the beauty of your lips. It is very effective in lightening the dark spots from your lips. Take some lemon juice and apply on your lips. Massaging your lips with lemon juice is safer when it does not exceed four minutes of duration. Rinse off with normal water. Follow this process on a regular basis for few days.

Lemon Juice

5. Strawberries:

Vital vitamins and minerals of strawberries are highly known to be beneficial in keeping the lips vibrant and bright. Strawberries are highly capable in turning your dark spotted lips into pink and rosy lips. Take one teaspoonful strawberry juice. Add some petroleum jelly to this strawberry juice. Combine these ingredients. Apply this mixture on your lips regularly for two times. This amazing home based lip balm works wonder in bringing you astonished results.


6. Sugar:

Sugar is considered as a natural exfoliating agent. It is very beneficial in removing the dead cells from your skin. Thus, this amazing ingredient plays a crucial role in preventing the dark spots from the lips. Take some granulated sugar. Add some butter to it. Mix these ingredients together. Gently, scrub the lips with this paste. Follow this process once in a week for restoring the natural shine of your lips.


7. Olive Oil:

Essential nutrients of olive oil are highly capable in making your lips vibrant and lively. This wonderful oil is very beneficial in moisturizing your lips. It makes your lips beautiful by keeping the dark spots at bay. Take some extra virgin olive oil and apply on the lips. Massage your lips with this oil for some time. This method must be tried before your bed time. Wash your lips the morning. Alternatively, you can prepare a scrub by combining 1½ teaspoon sugar and olive oil. You need to scrub your lips with the resultant mixture. Repeat this process once in a week for restoring the natural shine of the lips.

Olive Oil

8. Pomegranate:

This superb fruit is very effective in moisturizing and nourishing your lips. Thus, it works wonder in eliminating the dark spots from your lips. For this, you are required to take one tablespoonful of mashed seeds of pomegranate and add it to half tablespoon each of rose water and milk cream. Combine these ingredients together in order to get a smooth and fine paste. Gently scrub your lips with this paste for some time. Later, wash your lips using lukewarm water. Repeat this method once daily.


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