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8 Signs And Symptoms Of Fatty Liver


Signs And Symptoms Of Fatty Liver

Have you ever heard about fatty liver before? Fatty liver is not the serious issue as per the research but it will lead to liver damage including skin irritation, inflammation and much more. fatty liver is more likely to occur, if you intake excessive fat and unsaturated calories which in turn increase the risk level of muscle wasting, obesity and much more. There are many symptoms that will show you the exact sign of the liver problem in advance. You should maintain the balanced diet along with Meditation and yoga to combat the liver problem. Here are the Major 10 symptoms that will easily help you to identify the liver problem.

1. Obesity:

The liver problem is more likely to occur when you have excess weight in your body. Excess fat accumulation in your body can cause serious health problem such as the unusual change in hormones, obesity, increasing blood sugar and much more. The liver problem is common for the people are either middle age or old yet it is more likely to occur for the people who are between the 40s or 50s. Hence, it is essential to take serious steps to control the obesity which in turn helps to reduce the risk of the Liver problem.

2. Fatigue:

Fatigue is the most common symptoms of the fatty liver problem. It is not surprising that if any part of the body is malfunctioned, the body will pump out excess blood to that organ that can cause impaired judgment, weakness or high energy and blood loss. You may experience severe problem without even realize what it is exactly. As a result, there is more chance to have the hormonal imbalance in the body which tends to fatigue. Whenever you have the feeling of exhaustion and fatigue consult the doctor as soon as possible.


3. Genetics:

Genetics is one of the symptoms of fatty liver. The liver problem is not the cause of genetics for everyone. You may experience it due to various issue in the body. Although, there is no medication for the health issue that might cause due to the genetics, you can maintain a healthy body by proper exercise and well-balanced diet. Include more vegetables and fruits in your diet. Make sure that you have consumed food which is rich in iron, vitamins, and minerals. A healthy food is an automatic sign of healthy life. So, you should eat mineral enriched food with plenty of water.


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4. Jaundice:

If you suffer from frequent eye –itching, skin allergy and whiteness in the eye, you may be suffering from jaundice. Jaundice is the most common sign of the Liver problem. Whenever the bile flow from the liver track has been blocked, there is the formation of yellow bumps on the eyelids and the skin which cause eye itching and irritating skin. If you might suffer from jaundice, you may have the liver problem. Drink plenty of water every day is the effective key to prevent jaundice. In addition to this, adapt an active lifestyle that includes yoga, meditation, and proper exercise.

5. Urine Color:

If you have the liver problem, you can notice the urine color will differ. This is due to the presence of toxins in the body which cannot be processed by the digestive track while passing to the urinary track. You may experience the unusual and bad odor when the stool is flush out from its track. If you notice these signs, better consult your doctor as soon as possible. Otherwise, it would get you at high risk.

Urine Color

6. Skin color:

As soon as the liver gets damaged, your skin turns out to yellowish and there is the discoloration around the neck and underarms. This will lead to the serious impact on the blood vessel in spider veins, chest or on the shoulders. In addition to back and shoulder, it can also affect hand which can be easily identified by red nails and enlarged fingertips. Moreover, skin will start to shrink and tend to lose its fluid more often

Skin color

7. Abdominal Pain:

Abdominal pain is more likely to occur when your liver gets damaged. You would experience more pain on the upper portion and the center of an abdomen. Further, this unusual pain will lead to internal bleeding. If there is the fluid retention in the stomach, you would have abdominal pain.

Abdominal Pain

8. Muscle Wasting:

Muscle wasting is another sign of the liver problems which would get your life at risk. This muscle wasting is mainly due to the Dupuytren’s contraction which causes the hands to shrink, fingers to curl and much more. In addition to this, muscle wasting can cause the bone breaks and fractures. Unfortunately, it is the bit difficult to identify this disease at the initial stage. Most of the people consult their doctor once they have realized that this issue had reached the advanced stage.

Muscle Wasting


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