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8 Simple Yoga Poses For Sciatica Pain Relief

Sciatica pain is caused by provoking or stinging the biggest nerve in the human body that stretches starting from the lower back down through the seat and down to the legs. The pain will be so exhaustive that you will not have energy do even get out of your bed. Though pain killers and will relieve you of your pain tentatively.

The pain and the tingling sensation in the affected area will reduce only if you do the right stretches that are recommended for sciatica. There are a few yoga poses that will help you stretch your body at the lower back and to avert the pain or even stop the pain you suffer from sciatica.

A consultation with your physician is recommended before you start an exercise agenda. Your physician will help you and direct you to the right moves that your body is fit for or can withstand at that stage.

1. The Standing Back Twist:

This is a good pose for those who are not flexible enough for the more bendy poses. Keep your foot on a chair and place the back of your palm on the knee that is raised. Put your other hand on the hip. Turn your body so that you face right without changing the position of the hips. Hold on for half a minute and repeat on the other side now. Stop working out if you experience discomfort or aches when you work out.

The Standing Back Twist

2. The Knee Raise:

Lie on your back and pull one knee to the level of your chest but keep the other one flat on the floor. Stretch out and pull up the legs with the help of your hands. Remember to keep your shoulders down while doing this.

The Knee Raise

3. The Two Knee Twist:

Lie down on your back and keep your hands on your sides straight to form the shape of the Letter T. Keep your shoulders flat on the floor and turn both your knees to the right side and repeat it on the left side. Each time you do this hold for a minute and change sides.

The Two Knee Twist
4. The Single Knee Twist:

Lie down resting your back on the floor and bend your right knee in a right angle on your left side with your left leg straight. Put your left hand on the bent right knee when you stretch your right hand horizontally towards your right. Turn towards your right hand and keep your shoulders down on the floor while doing this.

The Single Knee Twist
5. The Twisted Lunge:

This pose is not an easy one but helps to open your hips. Put one leg forward and bend your knee. Stretch back the other leg right behind you. Keep your feet one leg’s distance afar. Keep the right elbow on the left bent knee on the outer side of the knee and keep your palms together. Hold this pose for ½ a minute.

The Twisted Lunge

6. The Seated Twist:

Stretch out your legs in front of you and sit down. Bend one knee and place the leg outside the other knee that is kept down on the floor folded in sitting position. You may keep the leg straight or bring it close to you to a folded position. Keep one palm flat facing the floor at your back. Keep your other elbow outside your bent knee. Face behind you but keep your legs pointing in front of you.

The Seated Twist

7. The Cat Pose:

The cat pose is not a very difficult one. Kneel down and keep your palms flat on the floor. Lower your back and lift up your chest stretching upwards. Pull up your shoulders backward. Breathe in and hold on for just ten seconds and release your back relaxing it. Tuck in your chin to your chest and lift your back. Hold on for ten seconds and relax later. Do this exercise for one or two minutes without straining.

The Cat Pose

8. Child’s Pose:

The child’s pose is the easiest on the list of poses. Kneel down and stretch your hands down in front of you touching the floor with your palms with your head down on the floor between your arms. Stretch and hold on for as long as you can.

Do all the yoga poses as comfortably as you can. Never do them when you feel it a strain or if it hurts. It should be done as a meditation to relax your body and mind simultaneously. Exhale and inhale correctly guided by the yoga teacher or a doctor that knows the skill. Repeat the sets of these yoga poses for dew weeks and see the difference.

Child’s Pose

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