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8 Symptoms Of Potassium Deficiency


Hypokalaemia or potassium deficiency is one of the leading conditions in the world which people are quiet unaware about. Compared to the past years, the increase in people with potassium deficiency has been witnessed. Extreme low potassium can cause weakness and various conditions which are caused due to banishing of the cells. Potassium is a mineral in human body which is found in the heart, nerves, muscles tissues and various organs. Generally, kidney is the main organ which controls and balanced the secretion of potassium. There are various signs and symptoms which show you are suffering from potassium deific which is listed below. If you are suffering from these symptoms, soon go for a checkup and treat the potassium deficiency soon!

1. Weakness In The Body:

This is a very obvious and widely experienced condition which is found in the people who suffer from potassium deficiency. Due to low potassium levels, your muscles and tissues suffer and cause pain. You would feel tired and exhausted and won’t be able to perform the daily chores as actively as before! Thus, tiredness, muscle cramps and fatigue are the symptoms of lo potassium levels in your body!
Weakness In The Body

2. Numb Hands And Feet Or Tingling Sensation:

When it comes to your muscles and tissues, the tingling sensation is quite common. When your muscles and tissues does not get enough potassium, the nerves won’t remain healthy which can cause numbness in hands and feet. The tingling sensation shows you are suffering from potassium deficiency! If you constantly feel that numbness and tingling sensation in the different parts of your body, increase the intake of nutrients!

Numb Hands And Feet Or Tingling Sensation

3. Nausea Or Vomit:

The potassium levels can also affect your digestive system and kidneys. This can cause indigestion and stomach issues. Nausea and vomiting are the signs that the wastage has not efficiently been removed form your body and your digestive system is not working properly due to lack of potassium. Thus, vomit and nausea on frequent basis shows lack of potassium in your body!

Nausea Or Vomit

4. Gas And Bloating:

Gas and bloating are the conditions which are caused due to loc potassium. Due to low potassium, your digestive system does not work properly and undigested food can cause constipation and gas. Bloating is another condition in which your stomach is filled with gas and the undigested food isn’t yet released from your body, causing issues! Thus, when you feel gas and bloating, this shows you are suffering from potassium deficiency!

Gas And Bloating

5. Abdominal Cramps:

Due to digestive system issues and undigested food, if you are suffering from gas and bloating, abdominal or stomach cramps is the another condition which can occur. Extreme pain in the abdomen is due to a huge lot of food which is still not digested and is in your stomach! Lack of potassium would not let the digestive system work efficiently which can cause pain in the abdomen and stomach area!
Abdominal Cramps

6. Low Blood Or High Pressure And Its Effects:

Blood pressure levels are maintained while you consume all the essential nutrients and minerals in adequate quantity. Potassium is a mineral which is amazing when it comes to soothing the blood vessels and body temperature. Potassium is a very helpful mineral as it helps the blood vessels to calm and relax and also helps in stabilizing your body temperature. If you are suffering from potassium deficiency, the levels of blood pressure would increase and it would take a lot of more time to sooth which can cause high or low blood pressure. Constant issues in blood pressure are a pure sign of low potassium!

Low Blood Or High Pressure And Its Effects

7. Physiological Issues And Abnormal Behavior:

The potassium mineral has amazing benefits over the neurological system; it helps in boosting the brain power, helps in regeneration of the brain cells and also regulated the dopamine levels. When you are suffering from potassium deficiency, your brain would not get enough boosts and would function abnormally. This can be witnessed in the behavior of a person. If the person behaves abnormally, looses focus and concentration, stays stress and gets easily depressed, it is due to potassium deficiency in the body!

Physiological Issues And Abnormal Behavior

8. Skipping Of Heart Beat:

If you feel this situation where you miss a heartbeat, it can be a sign of poor potassium in your body. Heart or the cardiovascular system is too affected with the potassium level in your body and thus, it will reflect the potassium deficiency in different ways. Infrequent heartbeats, skipping the heartbeats, low or unstable heartbeats are the sign of poor potassium or potassium deficiency in your body! This is due to the reducing frequency of your heart beats. It is also known as heart palpitations!

Skipping Of Heart Beat


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