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8 Warning Signs Of Mold Illness That You Should Know About


We all are aware about the illness molds can cause and affect our body. Hidden in our home corners, ceiling, tiles and such areas, it can secretly cause disease and illnesses which never imagined of! Even some molds are toxic and harmful for human beings which can affect you and make you ill! It is extremely important to fight molds to keep healthy and fit. If you have some mold loaded spaces in your home, track your health and assure that you are free from such illnesses. The harmful and toxic molds can result into anything horrible which you must consider seriously! Here are some warning signs of molds which reflect illnesses and must not be avoided! If you have these signs, consult your doctor and find a quick solution!

1. Constant Coughing:

If you keep coughing for a long period on constant basis, it can show that something is definitely wrong with your body! Generally cold and cough would banish within maximum a period of week time. If this coughing lasts long and you keep battling from it, this is due to the mucus you inhale which is toxic and infectious! When you breathe, these bacteria enter your throat, nose and entire respiratory system causing cough!

Constant Coughing

2. Watery Wet Eyes:

It is ok for your eyes to look little watery as the eyes are meant to be little wet. Wet eyes are necessary for the moisture and for avoiding issues like dryness, redness and more. But if your eyes keep flooding with watery substance and do not stop, your eyes are surely affected from molds. This isn’t harmful but your eyes would keep rolling some tears and keep your eyes flooded!

Watery Wet Eyes

3. Headaches:

Headaches are generally a sign of different issues and problems. We cannot consider it as a sign of mold illness in general but if this sign is also complemented with different signs of mold illnesses, it is time to pay attention. Constant headaches can be caused due to mold spores and can also affect you in the way of headaches! Thus, if you are suffering from headaches along with different signs of mold illnesses, consult your doctor and get a treatment!


4. Digestive Issues:

This is one of the warning signs which showcases that your may have mold illness. Generally, the food you eat and the air that you breathe can make you affected form such issues. The toxins can affect your digestive system and make its functioning improper! Diarrhea, constipation, gas troubles, stomach cramps etc are the signs of digestive system issues which showcases mold illness!
Digestive Issues

5. Weight Changes:

If your weight used to stay stable and since some time, you have been witnessing different weight gain or loss issues, it can show that you have some digestive issues which are a direct impact of mold illness. If you are suffering from such issues, your stomach gets affected and it can result into weight gain or extreme weight loss in few days!

Weight Change

6. Joint Pain:

This is one of the common signs and symptoms of mold toxicity in your body which you must not avoid. If your joints start paining, you feel extreme stiffness and inflammation in your joints, it can be a sign of mold illness. This is a sign which you can match with other symptoms and consult your doctor for proper diagnosis! Stiffness, pain, inflammation like feeling etc is a target which can damage your joints and make the condition worse! Thus, check for this toxicity and fight it soon!

Joint Pain

7. Hives On The Skin:

Your skin can also get affected form this issue. If you are suffering from mold illnesses, your skin can develop hives and make it look dull. Skin irritation, rashes, huge hives and such skin impairments are the unavoidable sign of something wrong happening in your body which can be mold illness. The mold spores are able to enter and damage your skin layers and also weakened your immune system! The hives are the sing of immune issues which can be caused due to old illnesses! Thus, if you trigger hives on your skin try to get a checkup!

Hives On The Skin

8. Blurry Vision:

The mold toxicity an also target your eyes and cause blurred vision. The blurry vision is caused due to intense toxicity in your body. Watery eyes, blurry vision, sensitivity towards extreme lights are a sign which showcases that you are affected with mold illness! This is one of the prominent signs which you must not
ignore and consult a doctor if you are facing all the other signs too! Diagnosis would help in finding the appropriate solution for it!
Blurry Vision


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