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8 Yoga Poses To Tinnitus Hearing Problems

The tingling sensation or feeling of constant sounds is known as tinnitus. A person affected with this condition does feel the tingling sensation in the ears and hear sounds frequently. The people suffering from tinnitus generally complaint about hearing some drums like sounds constantly and feel tingling in their ears! If the inner cell of your ears is damaged, it can result into this condition making the condition worse! The sound signals get immense and pressurize your ears which and cause this condition. Yoga is one of the amazing workouts which can help in fighting tinnitus effectively! If you are suffering from this condition, here are some cool ways and yoga pose which would help you battle it!

1. Triangle Pose:

While you perform the trikonasana or triangle pose, all your senses sooth and relax. The trikonasana is one of the beneficial poses for tinnitus due to its release of blood flow in the brain and in the internal ears. This pose makes you bend in a direction which helps the blood reach in each and every corner of your ears. Also your ears would get opened and relaxed while you would stop feeling the intense sounds all the time!

Triangle Pose

2. Cat Cow Pose:

This pose is one of the most beneficial poses which can make your ears sooth and relax. This pose makes you move your head in stretched up and lowered don position which can help the blood flow in your brain and internal parts of your ears. Also it helps in opening up the ear canals which can reduce the feeling of hearing the sounds constantly. Go for this pose and feel awesome!

Cat Cow Pose

3. Downward Facing Dog Pose:

This is a high end pose which can fight tinnitus in few repetitions! Adho much savasana is one of the finest yoga poses which and make your head aligned with your shoulders and thus can open up your nostrils throat, ears and all the facial body parts. Also, it allows blood circulation throughout these parts and makes you feel relaxed! Try this pose and boost blood circulation which would banish almost all the bodily issues which you face daily!

Downward Facing Dog Pose

4. Camel Pose:

This is known as the camel pose which helps in stretching and loosening the muscles. Also it helps in reducing stress form your face and brain. The camel pose would enhance the functioning of all the chakras of your body while clearing the ear, nose and throat issues. While you go for this pose, your back pain, shoulder issues, neck strain and such numerous problems would get healed in a go! This pose has a vital impact n these three organs and makes heals all the issues you face within!

Camel Pose

5. Cow Face Pose:

Gomukhasana is relaxing asana performed for soothing the senses and to feel relaxed. Go for this pose of you are suffering from tinnitus and want some quick solution. The sounds in your ears and the throat issues can be easily battled with this asana. This pose is an extreme stretch which would also calm your muscles and make you feel relaxed! Perform this asana in your daily regime to fight nose, throat and ear issues quickly!

Cow Face Pose

6. Cobra Pose:

This pose is specifically designed to soothe your senses. The ears, nose and throat are the active senses which can make your body feel various sensations. The asana helps you elevate and remove all the issues form your mouth while you inhale and exhale. This asana helps in cleaning the blood and refreshing all your senses. Tinnitus is one of the conditions which can be battled with this amazing asana every morning!

Cobra Pose

7. Fish Pose:

Matsyasana must be practiced if you are suffering from tinnitus. Mstyasana makes you pose as a fish in the reverse direction helping your senses to calm and our breath to get cleansed. It helps in improving the focus and also helps in fighting nose and ear issues. You can perform the matysasana daily for fighting tinnitus and remove its symptoms gradually! Perform this pose daily, repair your damaged senses in a go!

Fish Pose

8. Big Toe Pose:

All the poses which can open up your senses and make you feel relaxed are immensely beneficial for your body. If you feel the tingling sound in your ears and this makes you feel uncomfortable for a long period, here is a yoga pose which can help you. In this pose, you hold your toe thumb with your fingers while bending downwards. The gravity in this pose helps your ears and nose open up while fighting tinnitus. This pose would make you feel immensely unenergetic and refreshed! Thus, go for this pose and open up all your senses while feeling relaxed!

Big Toe Pose

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