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9 Amazing Benefits Of Calcium For Skin, Hair And Health

Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body. It is very important to the brain’s ability for connecting with the body via proper nerve signals. It also helps relax the nerves, helping us to cope with stress. The sufficient intake of calcium is very helpful in growing a healthy skeleton in the early life and minimizing the bone loss in the later life. Calcium plays a significant role in building and maintaining blood, soft tissues, nails, skin and strong teeth.

In This Article, We Are Going To Share Some Amazing Benefits Of Calcium For Skin, Hair, And Health:

Skin Benefits Of Calcium:

1. Helps In Tightening Up The Connective Tissue:

Calcium along with vitamin D, magnesium, manganese, copper, and zinc works great in tightening up the connective tissue and diminishes the appearance of the cellulite and sagging skin. Thus, calcium works miralces in promoting the youthful appearance on the skin.[1]

Helps In Tightening Up The Connective Tissue

2. Protects From Skin Infections:

This mineral is highly beneficial in protecting your skin from infections as well. It promotes the healthy acid mantle, which protects the skin from infections and microbe invasion. Calcium greatly aids in maintaining the sufficient amount of the moisturizing lipids by activating their production when required or in low humidity. Thus, it reduces the risk of infections.[2]

Protects From Skin Infections

3. Protects The Skin From UV-Induced Skin Aging:

A research confirmed that calcium is highly helpful in protecting the skin against UV-induced aging. Calcium with retinol and collagen promoting nutrients iron, zinc, magnesium and vitamin C works great in highly protecting the skin against UV-induced skin aging.[3]

Protects The Skin From UV-Induced Skin Aging

Hair Benefits Of Calcium:

4. Promotes Healthy Growth Of Hair:

Calcium is very important for the healthy growth of the hair. This mineral is highly helpful with the secretion of hormones and enzymes which work great in stimulating the healthy hair growth. Thus, calcium plays an important role in promoting the healthy growth of the hair as well.[4]

Promotes Healthy Growth Of Hair

5. Reduces Hair Loss:

Poor calcium levels in the body can result in the issue of hair loss. Calcium is highly capable of dealing with hair loss. By including calcium rich foods in your regular diet, you can say goodbye to the issue of the hair loss.[5]

Reduces Hair Loss

Health Benefits Of Calcium:

6. Makes Teeth Healthy:

You can make your teeth healthy and strong by including calcium rich foods in your regular diet. The body needs high amounts of calcium for healthy gums and teeth. This mineral is very beneficial in holding the teeth in place as well. But note that children need an extra amount of phosphorus and calcium for forming the firm structure during the growth.[6]

Makes Teeth Healthy

7. Increases Healthy Weight Loss:

A study revealed the association between low body weight and high dietary calcium. The consumption of high amounts of the calcium is significantly connected to the lower body mass index and the other indicators of the common obesity in the adults. The clinical trial revealed that the high calcium diet makes the people lose the more weight. So, if you are on the weight loss plan, prefer including calcium rich foods.[7]

Increases Healthy Weight Loss

8. Makes Bones Strong And Healthy:

This mineral plays an important role in making your bones healthy and strong. Teeth and bones contain more than ninety-nine percent of the body’s calcium. This mineral works effectively in making the bones strong and hard. It enables the bones to resist great force without breaking for most of the time.[8]

Makes Bones Strong And Healthy

9. Reduces Kidney Stones:

The risk of the development of kidney stones can be well controlled with the help of high dietary calcium intake. Calcium keeps the issue of hypertension at bay. It also reduces the chances of getting breast or colon cancer.[9]

Reduces Kidney Stones

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