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9 Kitchen Ingredients That Strengthen Brittle Nails

Nails are the most attractive and catchy part of our body. Don’t you get swoon over the gorgeous and breathtaking nails which can make your hands look adorable? However, sadly the beautiful, thick and stunning nails are not what everyone can get! Not all the women are blessed with amazing nail growth and can flaunt their pretty nails. Due to several conditions, habits and lack of care, the nails become brittle and dull. But there are numerous home remedies which you can use for strengthening your brittle and rough nails at home! There are numerous ingredients which can fill your nails with calcium, citrus, vitamins, proteins etc which care required by your nails to grow and strengthen. If you are looking for the natural ingredient which can help you in fixing this issue, go for these cool and nail strengthening ingredients which would simply work amazingly over your nails!

1. Egg Yolk:

Egg yolk is not only amazing for hair and skin, but also it has numerous benefits over the nails. If you love your stunning and gorgeous nails, get a cool beauty regime for your nails with this flawless ingredient. Massage your nails with this stunning element and your nails would get strong as rock and beautiful! Try this and you would love the results! You can also use the egg soak for awesome nails and beautiful bright nails.

Egg Yolk

2. Lemon Juice:

Lemon juice is a bleaching element which not only would get you rid of yellow nails but would also fight bacteria, infections, brittle nails and boost nail growth. The beneficial elements in the lemon juice simply nourish the nail and make them stronger and lengthier. Massage lemon juice on your nails daily for strengthening! This is an ultimate and promising ingredient which would never fail to make your nails enviable and stunning!

 Lemon Juice

3. Coconut Oil Massage Remedy:

Coconut oil is an ultimate nourishing and nail strengthening ingredient which would never fail to get awesome results. Coconut is filled with nourishing properties which improves circulation of blood in the nail follicles and promoted nail growth. Also it strengthens your nails amazingly. Massage coconut oil on your nails daily for stronger nails. Massage your nails with this cool oil daily and you would fall in love with your nails!

Coconut Oil Massage Remedy

4. Milk Nail Soak Remedy:

Milk is an ultimate nourishing ingredient which can work wonders on your nails. If you want your nails to get nourished beautifully, try this stunning soak remedy which would provide strength and glory to your nails. Soak your nails into milk for 15-20 minutes and then rinse. This would nourish and enrich your nail quality!

Milk Nail Soak Remedy

5. Vitamin E Oil Massage:

This cool ingredient is filled with awesome benefits. If you have nail issues like brittle nails, dull and yellow nails, you can try this stunning and refreshing remedy which would get you flawless results. Massage vitamin e oil on your nails daily for strengthening them with power!

Vitamin E Oil Massage

6. Vinegar Soak Remedy:

Vinegar is completely filled with properties which can enrich and glorify your nails. If you have brittle and thin nails, and want gorgeous thick and longer nails, you can try this soak for awesome results. Vinegar is an amazing ingredient which can tighten and strengthen your nails in no time. Soak your nails in vinegar for 15-20 minutes and get cool results!

Vinegar Soak Remedy

7. Sea Salt Strengthening Remedy:

Sea salt is generally used in cleansing and removing dirt from the nails. Also this cool ingredient would make the nails rock solid and this would sustain your longer nails for longer period. You must apply sea salt or can soak your nails in this mixture and wait for 15 minutes. This cool remedy would make your nails strong and beautiful as never before!

Sea Salt Strengthening Remedy

8. Olive Oil:

Olive oil is a deep nourishing and cleansing agent which can make your nails stronger and amazing. The nourishing properties of this amazing ingredient can make your nails considerably strong and can also fight various nail issues making it bright and beautiful. Before going to bed, rub olive oil on your nails. The overnight action would strengthen your nails and would make it stronger and grow amazingly.

Olive Oil

9. Orange Juice Remedy:

Orange juice is the ultimate strengthening and smoothening ingredient which has citrus mainly, which is completely required by the nails. This amazing ingredient would get your rock solid nails which would look perfect and stunning with your manicured hands. Try this super stunning ingredient and remedy to get flawless nails within no time! You can also use the mixture of orange juice, lemon juice and glycerin for more effective results!

Orange Juice Remedy

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