9 Toxins To Remove From Your Life


9 Toxins To Remove From Your Life

Many people think that toxins can be found only in dangerous waste products, herbicides or pesticides. However, the truth is that pesticide is not the only source of dangerous toxins. Toxins can be found in mold, plastics, cookware and even tap water. For this reason, it is crucial that you identify the toxic products and remove from your life. It is true that identifying all sources of toxins may not be always possible.

Therefore, it is crucial that you research more about this issue and avail useful information that will help you and your family to stay health. In this article, we will point out 9 toxins that you must remove from your life. This will help you to acquire a basic understanding about certain common harmful toxic substances. Read on.

Scented Candles

Everyone loves the smell of scented candles. This is especially true if we plan to have a romantic dinner date at home or restaurant. Most people would agree with the fact that scented candles create the right mood and a romantic ambiance. Unfortunately, the truth is that scented candles are toxic. Studies have revealed that toxic benzene chemicals are usually used for creating scented candles. These benzene chemicals can cause serious side effects such as dizziness, headaches and even death. In fact, one study even revealed that the toxic content of smoke produced by scented candles are almost equal to cigarettes.

Scented Candles To Remove Toxins


Though we have been using plastic bags and other plastic based products extensively over past few years, it is only recently that their harmful effects have come to the forefront. Studies have revealed that using plastics can cause a wide range of health problems such as diabetes or even hormonal changes. BPA – a compound often found in certain specific types of plastics can cause serious health disorders that range from cancer, reproductive abnormalities to obesity and damaged neurological disorders. Since plastic is so harmful, it is better if you opt for paper bags or glass containers for fulfilling your different requirements.

Avoid plastics from your life


Pesticides are used for killing insects. So, it is obvious that they contain certain harmful chemicals that can affect human beings as well. Scientists have labeled pesticides as carcinogenic, which means that they can cause cancer. Other problems caused by pesticides include headache, suppression of immunity system of the body and even heart diseases. So, avoid pesticides a much as possible.

avoid pesticides

Tap Water

Many of us believe that it is fine to drink tap water, since it has already been purified by the government. Unfortunately, the truth is that drinking tap water can cause various problems. These include bone diseases, hormonal and thyroid problems. It can even cause hypertension and leaning disorder in adults and children respectively. This is because according to studies, tap water contains chlorine, fluoride and other harmful substances. So, for the sake of your health, install a filter in your home, instead of drinking tap water directly. You can also purchase reverse osmosis water at a local store.

Avoid Tap Water


Non stick pots or pans are popular and much loved kitchen products. This is because it is easy to use them; they require less oil and can be cleaned easily. Studies, however, have revealed that certain cooking products, such as aluminum pans contain PFOA (also known as Perflurooctanoic Acid). This acid can give rise to various health problems that include cancer, miscarriages, damaged immune systems and thyroid. Furthermore, it has been revealed that if pregnant women are regularly exposed to PFOA, they can give birth to low birth weight babies.

avoid aluminum pans


A surprising fact about mold is that every year, thousands of people fall ill because of the presence of mold in their homes. The most frightening part is that most of them are unaware that they have fallen sick because of the presence of mold. Mold can cause various health problems, such as, skin irritation, fatigue, headaches, itchy eyes and asthma. All these symptoms may not occur at the same time, thus making it difficult for people to understand the exact source of their illness. The best way to avoid toxins that emerge from mold would be to clean it. Honestly, there is no other alternative. For best results, opt for tea tree oil or apple cider vinegar for cleaning mold.

clean Mold regularly

Household Cleaning Products

Almost all of us opt for household products for making our homes clean. Unfortunately, these products contain petrochemicals – chemical compounds that harm human beings as well as the environment. When you clean your home with these cleaning products, the air vent traps them. As a result, these toxic fumes get released regularly via the air vents. So, choose products that contain natural substances.

Avoid Cleaning Products

Skin and Hair Care Items

Women usually use skin or hair care products, thinking that they will make the quality of their skin/hair improve. However, the truth is that these products are full of sodium laurel sulphates –a chemical compound that is extremely harsh and used for cleaning cars and roads. Using these products regularly over a period of time can cause irritation and redness in the eyes, hair loss, and skin rashes. For avoiding such problems, it is better to use products that contain natural ingredients. In fact, you can create your own homemade shampoo and other hair and skincare products by using natural ingredients.

Avoid Skin and Hair Care Items


Many of us simply love painting our homes with commercially available paints. This saves money and can be loads of fun too. However, studies have revealed that most paints that are available in the market contain lead –a toxic compound that can damage your brain, kidney, nervous system and blood cells. Studies have further revealed that lead and other harmful substances that are found in paints can be especially harmful for pregnant women and children. The growing concern about the presence of lead in paints has forced marketers to come up with lead-free paints. For staying on the safe side, it is better to use them.

Avoid Paint

So, remove these 9 toxins from life and enjoy a better and healthier life. In case you cannot avoid them completely, opt for healthier versions.


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