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9 Warning Signs You Have High Cortisol Level

Hormone plays a vital role in the correct functioning of our body. The Stress Hormone called Cortisol is an essential hormone secreted by the adrenal glands. It is released in a regular manner, being very high during the morning and constantly dwindling all through the rest of the day. This hormone keeps the blood sugar level stable. Thus energizes the brain and neuromuscular system to function efficiently.

It is the most powerful hormone that prevents the unnecessary inflammation in the body.High cortisol level in the body results in the total imbalance of the system. The level of cortisol goes high due to a condition when the adrenal gland produces excess hormone and this is called as Cushing disease. The level of cortisol will rise due to prolong usage of corticosteroid medications. Mainly high cortisol is due to stress.

Find Below The Indicators That Our Body Secretes More Cortisol Hormone. Prevention At The Earlier Stage Is Much Better:

1. Lack Of Energy:

Due to stress, the cortisol levels may not go down during the evening, As a result getting sleep will be difficult. This will result in tiredness and sleepy feeling all through the nest day thus disturbing our living. Beware when you strangely feel lethargic to get your cortisol level checked.

Lack Of Energy

2. Abnormal Weight Gain:

When there is an abnormal weight gain typically in the midsection of your body the lower abdomen and waist. It is an indication of the high level of cortisol. Because when the cortisol level is high we get more excited causing anxiety that leads to wrong eating habits. When the diet is not a balanced diet it causes an increase in weight. A normal saliva test can help to find the daily cortisol level.
Abnormal Weight Gain

3. Memory Loss:

Cortisol level contributes to the memory. The memory section of the brain is called the hippocampus. Information’s are stored and processed here. This section consists of a lot of cortisol receptors. Surplus cortisol devastates the hippocampus and in fact, causes degeneration. Thus studies confirm that elderly people have short term memory loss or difficulty in coordination must have their cortisol level balanced to revive the memory loss.

Memory Loss

4. Skin Problems:

Skin problems are alarming signs of high cortisol level. Hypercortisolism is the reason for most of the issues in the skin namely the acne, and skin infections. The predominant appearance of purple lesions in the thighs, abdomen or breast measuring half an inch broad cautions that the cortisol level is high. Development of unwanted hair in the face and body also speaks the high cortisol level.
Skin Problems

5. Bad Temper:

While bad temper in women could be due to various reasons, but bad temper in men is primarily due to the high level of cortisol. Mood swings in men are associated with the testosterone levels, higher the cortisol level lesser is the testosterone and thus resulting in IMS. Bad temper not always means to be angry, tensed and anxious but to be hostile, demanding and sarcastic.
IMS: Irritable Men Syndrome

Bad Temper

6. Reduction In The BMD:

Bone density level falls down due to the high cortisol level. High cortisol interferes with the formation of osteoblast. More than getting deposited the bone tissues gets broken down. Repeated bone fractures, particularly in the spine and the ribs. Osteoporosis indicates that the cortisol level is constantly high.
BMD: Bone Mineral Density

Reduction In The BMD

7. Hypertension:

The abnormal increase in weight is linked with high levels of cortisol in addition cause hypertension. The increase in blood pressure is a sign of the high cortisol levels. Cortisol helps the body to retain sodium and it acts as an antidiuretic. Continuous stress causes hypertension, resulting in irregular blood flow to organs.


8. Loss Of Muscle In Arms And Legs:

While weight gain is a sign of high cortisol, loss of muscle in arms and legs are also an indication of high cortisol level. Also, a testosterone plays a major role in building muscle when cortisol level is high testosterone level is low that decreases protein synthesis and stops the growth of the tissues.

Loss Of Muscle In Arms And Legs

9. Irregular Eating Habit:

The tendency to eat always and feeling hungry even after a good meal is due to the high cortisol level. High cortisol increases the insulin levels dropping the blood sugar level thus craving to eat fat and sugar based foods increases.

Irregular Eating Habit

If you are observing any of the above mentioned signs then do not hesitate to consult your doctor as soon as possible. Various medicines and home remedies are available to balance the cortisol level in your body.You just need a proper guidance with the help of proper medication, healthy food and exercise.

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