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9 Ways To Use Beetroot For Getting Rosy Lips

Many of us wish to have pink and rosy lips. In fact, it is very easy to get pinkish lips in a natural way. You can easily get rid of dark lips by implementing some natural techniques. Doing so, you can get pinkish and soft lips. Beauty of your face is highlighted by your lips. You choose face packs for taking care of your facial skin. Similarly, you must also invest some time in taking care for your lips. Beetroot is one of the natural cosmetic that assures you with beautiful pink lips. You must make it a habit to include beauty care routine with beetroot. So that, you can get softer and smoother pinkish lips. Lips are one of the best facial features that highlight your beauty.

Here Are 9 Ways To Use Beetroot For Getting Rosy Lips

1. Beetroot With Coconut Oil

Adding beetroot to your diet not only assures you with many health benefits, but also assures you with innumerable beauty benefits. Besides including beetroot in your diet, you can also consider topical application of beetroot on your lips for getting better results. One of the best ways of getting pink lips is applying the mixture of coconut oil and beetroot juice to your lips. Leave the solution on your lips for at least thirty minutes. Wash it off after sometime. Following this process on regular basis assures you with best results.

Beetroot With Coconut Oil

2. Beetroot Paste

Beetroot is loaded with the properties that help to remove the darkness of the lips in a natural way. Grind beetroot to form a fine paste. Now, apply the paste on your lips. This process helps in adding required moisturizer to your lips and works in giving natural color to your lips. After some time wash it off and apply vaseline. Follow this process at least twice a week for noticing best results.

Beetroot Paste

3. Honey, Lemon And Beetroot

Exfoliating is one of the ways of eliminating darkness from your lips. You can do so by combining lemon, honey and beetroot. Mix these ingredients and massage on to your lips in a gentle way. Leave for at least ten minutes. Rinse off. Follow this at least two times a day for getting super soft rosy lips.

Honey, Lemon And Beetroot

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4. Milk Cream And Beetroot

Milk cream is a natural cosmetic. It can be used for adding glow to your lips. Combine with beetroot juice for making most of skin-friendly benefits of these ingredients. Massage with this mixture on to your face and leave them for at least three minutes. Follow this method in the night before you go to bed. For getting best results, follow this for at least once a day.

Milk Cream And Beetroot

5. Sugar And Beetroot

As we said earlier, exfoliating is one of the best ways of lightening your lips. You can exfoliate your lips with the help of sugar and beetroot scrub. Sugar is a natural exfoliator while beetroot is a natural lightening agent. These two ingredients work best in awarding you with super soft pinkish lips. Why wait? Follow this remedy and highlight your beauty with pinkish lips.

Sugar And Beetroot

6. Almond Oil And Beetroot

Almond oil is a storehouse of cosmetic properties. It can be used with beetroot for lightening the skin of your lips. Darkness on lips can be eliminated by using the mixture of almond oil and beetroot. Just mix a drop of almond oil with some amount of beetroot juice. Blend it well. And rub this mixture on your lips. Massage for five minutes. Leave it for another five minutes. Wash off with water. Follow this process twice a day for noticing significant results.

Almond Oil And Beetroot

7. Olive Oil And Beetroot

You can get soft and pink lips by gently massaging your lips with two powerful ingredients. Those ingredients are none other than beetroot and olive oil. Beetroot juice should be mixed with two spoons of olive oil. Blend well. Apply the prepared solution on your lips. Leave it for at least fifteen minutes. Wash off with water. You must follow this method for twice a day until you notice best results.

Olive Oil And Beetroot

8. Honey And Beetroot

Honey is the best ingredient that works as a natural moisturizer. Its benefits are innumerable. You can lighten the darkness of your lips by adding honey with beetroot juice. Apply the mixture of the paste on your lips and massage well. Regular application of this paste on your lips helps in assuring you with rosy lips. Thus, beetroot can be used to get super soft shiny lips. At the same time, you must ensure to take healthy diet. Also, you must quit smoking for reducing the darkness of your lips. All these tips helps in assuring you with pinkish lips.

Honey And Beetroot

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