Amazing And Quick Remedies For Stained Teeth

With the passage of time, as you get old, the enamel of the teeth start to fade and this leads to discolouration of the teeth, which is also termed as stained teeth. Here the teeth would appear to have a yellow stain on them along with evident marks on the teeth, especially with people who tend to smoke or consume a lot of nicotine. However, there are plenty of home solutions and remedies available to handle this problem.

Here Are Amazing And Quick Remedies For Stained Teeth

1. Baking Soda

This is one of the highly recommended for people who have stained teeth that tends to get more yellowish with time. You have to take a bit of baking powder in your hand then use it like you use a toothpaste. Rub it well on the teeth on both the front and back side and let it stay for a while. Adding some water to the powder would help too. Now do this twice a day to get rid of the yellow stains from your teeth. [1]

Baking Soda

2. Have Strawberries

Another sensible way of getting rid of the stained teeth problem would be munching on more of strawberries. Basically strawberries are quite rich in a compound that would not only help in dissolving stains of the teeth but they would also fight the enamel stains that happen with age. Together they help in fighting this issue. You should ideally have about 6 strawberries a day to get the benefit but don’t forget to floss post it as the seeds may enter your molars. [2]


3. Orange Peel

This one is a bit odd but really works. You are probably aware of the benefits of orange and lemon for lighting the skin. Now you can lighten your teeth colour by rubbing the white side of the orange peel on your teeth. Doing so on a regular basis would help in removing the stained enamel problem and also provide you with whiter and shinier teeth. Plus this really helps in combating other teeth problem too. [3]

Peel from orange

4. Avoid Caffeine And Cola Drinks

There are some foods that make the stained teeth problem worse and these include caffeine along with cola drinks and also tea and coffee. These are foods that tend to leave a mark on your teeth and lead to eventual discolouration. However, by avoiding them on a regular basis or even making sure that you brush after having these items, you can drastically reduce your risks of stained teeth. [4]



5. Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking is another great way to get rid of stained teeth. Remember that the nicotine that you have in the cigarettes is a major form of problem when it comes to teeth discolouration or even stains. You have to make sure that you completely get rid of your habit of smoking or else no mater what remedy you try, you will not be able to get rid of this problem. [5]


6. Use A Straw

It may seem quite unusual and unconventional but this is a remed that really helps to ensure that your teeth don’t get discoloured or stained that fast. The simple logic here is that when you are having tea or coffee or even a cola-based drink using a straw, your teeth are not being affected with the liquid. At least not directly. As a result of this, you are able to reduce the constant damage that is being caused to your teeth. [6]


7. Rinse Mouth After Meals

As a rule of thumb, make sure that you rinse your mouth every time after having something. This is very much important for people who like to have more frequent meals through the day. Doing so would help you in getting rid of the stained teeth problem much faster. [7]



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