How to Make Homemade Vapor Discs For Fighting Cold


How to Make Homemade Vapor Discs

You might have used over-the-counter vapor shower discs to clear nasal congestion. But do you know that you can make your own vapor discs that are as effective as the popular commercial products. Made with natural ingredients the homemade vapor disc is an excellent home remedy for stuffy nose. During the cold and flu season, the homemade vapor discs can be perfect gifts for friends and relatives who are susceptible to cold and allergy. The website Crafts Unleashed has shared a recipe for making vapor discs at home. All the ingredients needed for making the vapor shower disk such as eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil, baking soda, cupcake boxes and cupcake liners are easily available in your neighborhood store.

Crafts Unleashed – Natural Cold Remedies: Homemade Vapor Discs


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